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Question Re: Zone Delegation + A Record (Windows Server)

Is it possible (or even proper) to host an A record while simultaneously delegating out that subdomain/zone to a 3rd party? Would the A Record for that have to be configured at the 3rd party?

Use case:

Host a service endpoint at while operating dyndns on zone for N nodes?

Example architecture:

  • <= A Record to a valid IP (Reported by NS1)
  • <= Zone record delegated to NS2/NS3
  • <= A Record to a valid IP (repored by NS2/NS3)
  • <= A Record to a valid IP (repored by NS2/NS3)

This would be configured on Windows Server DNS. I know that I can create it without error, but is it valid? Bad Practice? etc.


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[help] My domain is not propagated to mobile networks


I’ve been using for some time now. Recently I’ve noticed that my domain is not propagated correctly to mobile networks. It’s not a new domain, it’s been up for with for at least couple of months (maybe even a year).

When I try to visit my website through any cable network (local ISPs) there’s no problem. I’ve also used VPN, proxies and to check. When I try to access it through my mobile (and, not only mine) I get a ‘name not resolved’ error.

Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong sub, but apparently I’ve run out of ideas how to even google it 🙁

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DNS on a LAN, best practices?

What would be today’s best practices for setting up dns on a LAN? It seems we finally all agree .local is a bad idea. Same as .lan or other not (yet) public tdl’s. So a registered domain name sould be it. Can we use te root of this domain for our LAN or should we use a subdomain?

Is using rfc 1918 addresses on a public DNS server an bad idea? Or do we keep using split-DNS? How would split DNS work with ipv6?

Looking forward to your ideas

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Need to change DNS and MX records for google apps/gmail

hi, wondering if anyone can help.

My friend used to provide my web hosting and domain registration, he is closing his reseller account down and he said my DNS is still pointing to his account.

I have google apps set up for my domain and need to try minimise downtime if possible.

I don’t actually have a website anymore just a holding page at the moment.

Which records do I need to move over? I have moved the domain over to 123 reg, and can set my custom DNS up there, or I think I can use my other account with which when I get sorted will host my website.

Do I just copy over the entries onto 123reg and then delete them from my mates control panel? I’m a bit confused as how to do it!

Thanks in advance


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