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DNS at home

Maybe I’m creating my own problem but I’m kind of stuck. I have a handful of hosts at home and a 64 address DHCP block for which I have a TLD setup on a Solaris machine. nslookup from the Windows clients always works (it always asks the primary DNS server, the Solaris machine), but when I have a second DNS server listed sometimes the web browsers don’t properly look up internal hosts (e.g., the router or the printer), I get host name undefined errors. To resolve the problem I removed the secondary DNS server from all the windows clients (one of Google’s public DNS servers) and now everything works. Which would be fine but sometimes I have to take the Solaris machine down and for that time period no web surfing happens and that’s not good for SAF*…

Is it normal behavior for the resolver library (in Windows?) to round robin the DNS servers? When I run snoop on the Solaris box I see queries come in and get resolved, then suddenly nothing and that’s when that client’s web browser returns a host not found, it appears that my DNS server was not queried.

I wanted to setup a secondary name server in house, preferably on the router (if it’s down there’s no surfing anyway) but it doesn’t seem like any of the router firmwares support being a (secondary) DNS server (at least not by default). Am I missing something about the router firmwares? Am I configuring something on my Windows clients wrong?

My router is a NetGear WNR3500L, if I reserve IPs for various hosts and set the Windows client to use the router as a DNS server will it return addresses from names?

*Spouse Acceptance Factor

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MRW when I set up my own caching server, configure my home router to use it, and wife's Android still hits Time Warner Cable's landing page


The router is set to user the caching server and then roll over to OpenDNS. Her phone showed (home router) as the primary and (Google) as the secondary. This was under DHCP settings. I had to switch it to static IP to be able to change the IP settings, but I got it to receive NXDOMAIN again that way.

But how could TWC’s DNS ever still come into the equation???

EDIT: I noticed my lookup server is down. That’s another matter, and looking into it. But still don’t see how that would allow TWC’s stuff to seep in.

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