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Warning: Disappearing DNS and DS records at Namecheap

I have only a handful of domains over at Namecheap. Originally I was using their hosted DNS as well. Several months ago, the MX records completely disappeared from one of my domains, which I only noticed after failing to receive email. I had been happy with Namecheap up to that point, so didn’t think much of it. I did move my DNS over to Cloudflare. I also use DNSSEC, which requires adding DS records for each of my domains at Namecheap. About two weeks ago, the DS record for one of my domains also randomly was deleted. I was angered but simply re-added to record, opened a support ticket, and went on my way. The support staff left much to desire in their response, nearly failing to recognize the issue at all. Now just this morning, the DS record for yet another domain went completely missing. Unfortunately the page at this domain is a DNSSEC testing app which I wrote. The disappearance of the DS record broke DNSSEC for that domain, and caused my app to report false failures for all tests. Needless to say I’m pretty irate right now. And to make matters worse, their Advanced DNS page will no longer save my changes to the DNSSEC setting, meaning I am unable to re-instate the missing DS record. So just a warning to anyone reading this, don’t trust Namecheap to keep your DNS and DNSSEC records safe. I’m transferring my domains away immediately.

Edit: Before anyone asks, my Namecheap account is secured with a unique, random password and a FIDO security key.

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Help Request: Moved DNS but it didnt move.

I need some help as this is out of my area of expertise.

I had a domain registered with NameCheap. It expired so I moved it to my AWS account.

Now I can manage everything in Route 53. I have it configured just like a similar domain I have but when I go to my domain, it still points to NameCheap.

How do I fix this? I’m not sure where to start.

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Why doesn’t “dig sb. +nssearch” try all .sb TLD name servers?

So, I have been trying some DNS benchmarking and I’m a bit confused by the following:

When I run dig ns sb.

I see 4 tld name servers:

But when I run dig sb. +nssearch I only get the SOA (and query time, which I’m interested in) and

I think this might have something to do with the fact that dig sb. NS only returns those two and the fact thatdig sb. NS doesn’t return anything and dig sb. NS returns only and

Is all this intentional? If so: to what purpose?
And practically speaking: during actual DNS resolution, will all 4 tld nameservers be used?
I tried some actual domain names, like dig and that seems to work fine.. (but dig is refused)

Thanks for any pointers/insights!

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Is hosting authoritative nameservers with DDoS protection a must?

I succeeded in setting up my authoritative nameservers. All seems to be working well. The secondary servers (those that are public facing) are 4, in 4 different geographic locations and with 4 different providers. Really cool.

Now, I realize that 3 of these are not DDoS protected. How much a must is DDoS protection when hosting your own nameservers?

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is dns thing even possible ? or i’m just not understanding somethin

hi i have an vps which i don’t have dns control of (i can’t change NS for domains simple don’t have access to them)

so what i used to to is just go to namecheap point my domains NS to Cloudflare and in cloudflare add the DNS Records point to my vps ip. and simple in cpanel add the domain.

for some simple html stuff it used to work, but i have a project that this solution won’t work for.

so i was wondering can i do something like this :

at my name cheap point a domain to NS i created in name cheap with (Some DNS service Ip or records) then in that DNS Service Point to my VPS ?

i think i’m missing something please share you opinion

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