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What organization to contact?

If my company, who is the registered owner of its domain through, has found out that a certificate with the same FQDN has been issued to another company/domain in Saudi Arabia? We are located in Southern California.

I have proof and have done my homework to prove that has fraudulently issued a domain name certificate to another organization not even within our country.

Who do I contact to have this certificate revoked and placed on the CRL?

Any further details, I can provide. I’ve done nslookups and the almighty shodan has also proved my findings to be correct.

DNS Gurus of Reddit, plz halp.

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cPanel account transfer and webmail

Hey all,

A few months ago I started renting a new dedicated server. I used cPanels transfer feature to move all of the accounts from my old server to my new server.

I hadn’t noticed until today that webmail is broken. I don’t really use webmail, but there are lots of emails in my inboxes that might be worth going through.

In particular, something strange happens when I try and access the webmail subdomain.

Let’s say my server has hosts domains “” and ““.

When I try access webmail, e.g., the index.html file from is served.

Somehow the webmail subdomain is being pointed to the other domain on my server.

I have no idea why this is happening, when I look at the DNS records, I can’t see anything unusual.

The zone has A records for mail, webmail, etc, which all point to the servers IP. The zone only has the standard A records, mail, www, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas what might of gone wrong / how I can attempt to troubleshoot the issue?

The reason why I can’t access my webmail is because when I click on “View emails” cPanel directs me to which is pointed to which doesn’t exist.

I have found a work around by adding an A record for webmail to the domain, but I still would like to understand what is going on.

Thanks in advance

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help in understanding DoH traffic

My objective is to have netfilter/iptables on my router bock DoH traffic from my LAN. I’m looking for help in understanding why I haven’t been successful.

I have the following in my router’s iptables:

-A FORWARD -p tcp -d --dport 443 -j DROP_FORWARD_443

-A FORWARD -p udp -d --dport 443 -j DROP_FORWARD_443

From a machine on my LAN I do this:

$ dig @ -p 443

This is correctly dropped and is logged in the syslog of my router (which runs Ubuntu):

Oct 13 18:34:10 kernel: [ 6461.242705] Dropped_Forward_443: IN=enp3s0 OUT=tun0 MAC=00:0e:c4:ce:e9:84:44:6d:57:6b:99:cb:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=79 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=63 ID=21631 PROTO=UDP SPT=38589 DPT=443 LEN=59

This I understand. What I don’t understand is when I enable “DNS over HTTPS” in Firefox on a machine on my LAN and then check my DNS server address on I see that the machine is using Cloudflare. Could somebody help me understand why my netfilter rule isn’t working here? Many thanks for any clues.

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Recommend me a DNS server (DNS over TLS)

Just moved over from Ubiquiti Edgerouter to a Pfsense router at home.

I’ve been using opendns for ages and really like it but want to use dns over tls.

I really like the fact I can whitelist and custom list on opendns and its free.

Is there anything dns servers out there can do what opendns does but with dns over tls?

I’ve tried cleanbrowsing but it blocks some safe torrent sites i go on and there is no way of me whitelisting

Just thought I’d ask on here


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