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DNS hosting that doesn’t care about the extension you use

Hey does anyone know about any DNS hosting services that don’t mind the TLD at the end. I’m looking for something similar to Cloudflare or Hetzner DNS, I know OpenNIC users used ClouDNS for a long time but they stopped allowing custom extensions recently and I can’t find any alternatives. I’ve tried DigitalOcean but they don’t support AXFR zone transfers.


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DNS logs supposedly contain device name??

I was posting a question about iterative DNS servers and someone had mentioned in a response to that question that sometimes DNS can log the name of a users device (e.g., xxx’s iPhone).

I don’t see how this is possible to do if you are behind a router? This would mean that my router sent the name of my device out, is this actually something that happens?

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Iterative dns log question

Hello everyone,

So I am currently learning about iterative dns servers.

As far as I understand, when you make a query to an iterative server it will respond to your query with another dns server if it does not know an up address?

Here are my questions:

1) Is my understanding correct?

2) In this process, I realize that the DNS would log my ip address with the query- would both of these servers (the First one I queried and the second one I queried) get my MAC address of my device or just the MAC address of the router/modem?

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Bluecat Address Manager API

I’m trying to use BAM as…well…an IPAM solution. I’m calling the API via a SOAP method from inside PowerShell:

`getNextAvailableIP4Network ( long parentId, long size, boolean isLargerAllowed, boolean autoCreate )`

This works as you would expect if you set the autoCreate boolean to _true_, but it only returns a _0_ when set to _false_. It doesn’t appear it works this way, but does anyone know if you can return a _what-if_ kind of effect to get the next available IP4 network *without* creating it?!

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Neustar UltraDNS TXT record cannot be created

I’ve asked our engineers to create a TXT record for a domain owner validation process. When they create the record, a “You are adding a new TXT record for a hostname that already exists. If there is an eligible pool type, you can create a pool.” error occurs and it cannot be created. This is odd because we have multiple TXT records already, granted they were imported when we migrated to the platform. Any suggestions on how we might be able to get past this error?

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Old sysadmin tries his hands at new tricks and manages to !@#$ everything up.

Hey – so i used to be technical many many many moons ago and decided, what the heck, let me do some DIY dns record management. Which, obviously went as well as you’d expect. Here is the situation:

  • Domain registered with
  • Nameservers points to NS1.BDM.MICROSOFTONLINE.COM, NS2 and NS3
  • Have office 365 running for mail – everything good so far
  • Registered for a wix account.
  • Added domain name – was asked to update pointer records on office admin.
  • Able to add A record “@ to”
  • Trying to add Cname ( to and get “Another DNS record already exists for this host name. Type a different name” error

Help, please.

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