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Google Dns is affecting my reddit and game ping speeds. How’s it possible?

I started using Google Dns and I am experiencing very good in game speeds and reddit and whatsapp upload speeds.

Is this supposed to happen?

I am using a third party app and I am on Android, so, is the app the reason for this boost or is it the dns itself? App :

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Can someone link me to an NSD tutorials that works? Ubunut or Fedora

I just installed and configured NSD, but all the tutorials are very old or very very crude. It should be working, but isn’t. Does anyone have a recent doc that goes over installing and configuring NSD? thanks.


This is old so I used it kind of loosely. I’ve got it working, but I need to set up additional things and build onto it to make it better. Most notably – auto host detection so I am not manually adding hosts into my zone files. I always want to get to where I can plug in hostnames instead of IPs for different network resources like plex, pgadmin, etc. Thanks again.

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Trying to Redirect to my website with www not working – Namecheap.


I’m a little lost with this. I have an Etsy, and a domain name. You can type and go to the redirect, but www. storename. com doesn’t work. The help guide I found said I need to make an A name record, but it doesn’t let me on NameCheap as it’s asking for an IP address for it, and I don’t think I have one if I just have a domain name? At least, I can’t find it anywhere.

Here’s a few screenshots of what’s going on. It’s been a good few years since I’ve played about much with website’s and DNS settings and I feel like I’ve forgotten everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been sending out inserts with my products for a week now with the www URL 🙁

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Is there is a way to load certain site’s static file from localhost server

Hi all, I have unstable Internet connection, 4G in remote aria what’s I suffered most visiting any site is it static contents (mostly load via CDN) take too much time to load, socially, with some sites setting these contents expire date very short.

Many of these static files (large backgrounds fonts JS libraries ) didn’t change for years, but I had to load them every time I visist these sites ., I’m using Arch Linux and Opera, doing most of my web browsing,

Is there a way I can modify DNS request of these site (the CDN ) to load it static content from localhost I run on my PC ,

I can point out some of these CDN via /etc/host file but some of these CDN have huge number of file not all of them I want to server locally (e,g google font service and some JS CDN’s)

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DNS Issues with Route53

Hello all, I have a domain that i used to host with google, but a while ago switched to AWS. The issue is that no matter what i try, the domain name never resolves to my IP. I’ve spent time looking at the documentation, and i’ve tried everything that i’ve seen, but i can’t pinpoint the issue. Any suggestions on what to check would be greatly appreciated.

A possible cause is that when I look at whois it still says that my name servers are google’s, but I have no idea why that would be. To contrast this, when I run an nslookup against one of those google name servers, it does not have info for me domain.

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DNS Server and Pi hole

Hello everbody

I’m planning on installing Pi-hole in my network. I was wondering how I should set that up because as far as I understand you can’t really set DNS Entries for you local network. Also maybe in the future I would like to check out other DNS Servers to learn more about it.

Currently I’m using the DNS Server of my Synology NAS. My DHCP options on my router are pointing to the Synology DNS Server.

Should I put the Pi-hole in front of my DNS Server or behind it?

I think behind is better because all my local queries would be answered directly by the Synology DNS and queries which need to go to the WAN will go over the Pi-hole.

So I would change the Synology DNS upstream DNS Server to my Pi-hole IP address.

Does that seem reasonable?
Does running two DNS Server in the network or this configuration could cause any problems?

Thanks and Cheers


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