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Extremely noob question about DNS addresses

Hello, this will definitely make the most “expert” ones on the topic cringe a little but ive always been fascinated by both coding and informatic/tech in general, and recently ive been trying to make my extremely average fiber internet perform better, (100mb/download 18/upload), more specifically changing a few router options and, here we are, DNS. A little of backstory, originally i was using my own DNS (ISP one), and first changed it to the google one (, and instantly noticed a difference in browser pages loading speed as my ISP while being one of the best in my country, is extremely average if not totally garbage in many others, and therefore i’d be expecting any sort of advantage in changing it to any other DNS server at all already. Then a friend of mine advised me to change it to a much newer one, Cloudflare’s, ( so i gave it a try. Needless to say it is indeed faster, although i started having a couple of site not loading up and giving me the usual DNS page loading error. Luckily none of those were “important” pages and more like random google results so as annoying as it is, did not change my life entirely and was definitely worth the extra speed and privacy i guess? So now the real question is, as i do A LOT of gaming and i mean a lot, for some odd reason, ever since i did indeed change to cloudflare’s my ping in those games has improved, going from a 50ms to a pretty unstable 32 to 39ms, which is pretty nice. But the problem is that around the same time i also modified a registry key usefull for the same purpose pretty much ( TCPAckFrequency), and used a bunch of prompt command as well, such as ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns, netsh winsock reset. SO, in conclusion, do DNS affect ping inside and/or outside games or do they only affect browser pages loading speed? And if they do, is there a “best” one?

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I am unsure if this is the right place to ask this but I am having some problems with setting up my socks 5 proxy for complete anonymity. I am using vip 75 with proxifier and everything works fine until I go onto whoer .net and it saying I have a dns leak. I have changed my dns through the control panel network settings to googles public dns ( and through research believed that this along side the socks 5 proxy would be enough but whenever I run dns leak tests it still shows my origin country. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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NSD vs PowerDNS vs other for lowest latency load balancing

I’m setting up a master-slave bare metal web server combo. Two separate data centers.

In lieu of an Anycast setup, I will use self-hosted DNS with geo-based load balancing and failover. All authoritative DNS requests go to the master server, which unloads some traffic onto the slave based on the client’s location. Slave also acts as failover server. I will be enabling DNS-over-TLS and DNSSEC.

Looks like PowerDNS is a good fit, but couldn’t find much info on NSD for this kind of application.

Please share any reasons why NSD or another alternative would be preferable over PowerDNS for geo-based load balancing with as low latency as possible.

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Setting Bind as a root DNS server and changing root hints

I have not been able to find any information on doing such a thing, not on this website or the web itself (I suppose because it is considered pointless). So I will be first to ask does anyone with good experience in Bind know if it is possible to set up Bind as a root DNS, and how to change the local recursive server’s root hints file (not making a new one which would prevent from accessing the official roots) to include this new root which could point delegate local TLDs? And yes, I know I could just set up the recursive server to handle local domains, but I can’t help but feel that this is possible, and I have a few computers collecting dust that could be doing something. This will be a simple activity for learning’s sake, so what is practical and not can be ignored. I appreciate any help you can provide.

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DNS servers outage


I have recently bought a domain for personal e-mail use and I’ve been wondering if I understand things correctly.

The domain that I bought uses my domain registrar’s DNS servers. I have set the appropriate DNS MX/SPF records that point to my email service provider’s server and everything works as expected.

My first question is – what happens if my registrar’s DNS servers go down for whatever reason? Can I still send emails? Can I still receive them? If not, is there some sort of queue that will keep those emails until the DNS servers are back up or are they lost forever?

My second – presumably stupid – question would be – does the use of HTTP/HTTPS on my website affect those emails at all? E.g. is something in relation to emails less secure when using HTTP?


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