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Is there any free DNS hosting that can know which computer connected to what in a LAN?

So I want to control what other people doing in my network, I think of setting DNS hosting in my router. I want to find a free DNS hosting that can do these:

  1. Logging (what sites, time, how many times, etc)
  2. Blocking (Since I know what sites get accessed, I’ll block the sites that I think inappropriate)
  3. Knowing which computer access which site (I want to know who accessed these inappropriate sites)

I can find some DNS hosting can do 1 and 2, but I haven’t found any free service that can do 3.


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Can’t change router DNS

I bricked my Linksys router in a bad flash the other day, so while I wait on a serial cable to come in to re-flash it, I’m left using my ISP (AT&T) provided router/modem combo in the meanwhile.

It works just fine, but the one issue I have with it is that there is no option to change the DNS servers. No doubt AT&T wants me to use their own servers because that makes data harvesting easy. I’m able to set custom DNS servers per device, but this has me wondering, if AT&T purposefully locks the DNS on their own hardware, how can I be sure that the custom DNS servers I specified are actually being used?

ipconfig /all correctly shows the servers that I set, but is there any way for me to tell if my router/modem isn’t overriding that when traffic passes through it?

The other reason I’m concerned about this is because when I router was working, I was using and It worked fine, but with just the AT&T router, I see that AT&T blocks this DNS service. So if I get my router back up and running again, how will I know that the DNS I want will actually be used?

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Custom Name Server and/or Premium DNS?

When I ran my website on a $10 HostGator shared box, All I needed to do was set the custom name server field to When I moved to a $150 dedicated server, I changed it to Now I am on a $50 VPS, and am being told that I need to set up my own name server “”. This has confused me, and I ended up buying the Premium DNS that Godaddy offers for $2 a month. So if I have this premium DNS via Godaddy, do I still need to create my own name server, or can I just do everything from that interface. Any pros/cons to either of these methods. I have about 7 domains, but if my domain is the name server, wouldnt all those requests also burden my server?

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I don’t have a static public IP. Does anyone have experience in using DDNS to update Google Domains record and have it resolve subdomains?

I’m installing on a home system and don’t have a static IP address. To work around that, on my CentOS system I’ve installed ddclient.

In my Google Domains, I’ve created two records. They are as follows:

  1. A synthetic Dynamic DNS record with an ‘@‘ in the data field.
  2. A custom resource CNAME record, with ‘*’ for the name and the domain name in the data field so this is supposed to be acting as a wildcard record.

The synthetic record receives the IP address updates from the ddclient service that’s running on my codius server. Ideally I’ll be able to resolve my domain, ex., as well as, or Unfortunately, my configuration doesn’t seem to resolve. I can resolve the domain,, but not any subdomains that are prefixed onto that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Migrated domains but won’t propagate

Why would this happen? The nameservers are and

Are there any tools to help analyze and get to the source of the problems? Is it my nameservers that I made? I route it through Cloudflare and then to my Plesk installation. I’m happy to take screenshots of anything and everything as needed.

Notice though how a decent bit of the servers propagated but the rest haven’t? This happens on and off all the time even though it’s been about 20 days at least since I’ve made the transition, with 15 days since the old server went offline. So why?

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