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DNS not configured right, need help.

I removed the actual host name for privacy.

The pieces of the puzzle:

I have a personal site, with WWW pointing to the azure site, HTTPS, no issue.

When I try to make without WWW go to the WWW site, it doesn’t work.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am getting the error below. I don’t have the IP address to use an A record. So I figured an ALIAS + URL (dnsimple) would work. But no.

Error message I get

DNSimple admin screen, DNS settings

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newbie question: if I am transferring a domain from GoDaddy to AWS Route53….do I need to set my newly created Name Server records in GoDaddy still?

Ive watched a handful of videos and they are all transferring domains in different scenarios…so the whole process hasn’t made sense to me yet.

so far Ive created the hosted zone in Route53 for the domain I want to transfer, and Ive created the record sets. one video I watched mentioned needing to set my newly created Name Server records that were created when I set up my hosted zone in GoDaddy.

is that correct? seems to me that if Im transferring the domain that there’s no need to set the Name Server records in GoDaddy. I’d like to shut that account down eventually.

sorry for the newb question…Im still trying to get my head around all this. thanks all!

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Delegation, Glue Records, and a Variable Network

Soooo, here’s a design that feels unsavory, but seems like it should function. A test reveals that it does not, but I don’t understand why.

I have name servers that are authoritative for a domain: I need to delegate to another set of name servers (let’s call them ns[12] The name servers are on public IP addresses and the name servers are on private IP addresses. So, once set up, a recursive query makes it through all of the nodes of the tree–[.] then [com.] then []–but predictably dies when it reaches What’s flummoxing me is why it dies.

The name servers that are authoritative for have glue records for the two name servers that are authoritative for–ns[12] And indeed, dig returns an Additional Records section with the right glue. But dig +trace times out, with the last lookup failing because it can’t resolve the IP addresses for ns[12]

I’d get it if this failed because the resolver couldn’t query the name servers with the private IPs, but apparently it doesn’t heed the glue records and fails before that point. tcpdump on my client shows that the ultimate query is being directed to the first name server in /etc/resolv.conf, rather than the name servers in the RDATA in the NS Records for, which are ns[12]

Can someone explain this? Mustn’t glue records be heeded, in case the delegated name servers are in a child domain?

(In case you’re wondering why this crazy setup: it’s a poor man’s way to use public DNS infrastructure for internal as well as external resolution. Intranet users, when connected via VPN, would be able to reach ns[12] and complete the lookups. But it ain’t gonna fly unless glue works the way I thought and is heeded in all cases by resolvers.

Yes, I’m sure this is unsavory as hell, but my goal here is to understand technically why it fails.)


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Cloudflare slowing connections?

Recently ive been experiencing extremely unstable connection speeds, Typical speeds i recieve are around 950 mbps down / 35 mbps up wired and 550-600 down / 35 mbps up with ping around 6ms and 20 loaded according to Today they have even dropped down to less than 20 mbps peak download speeds, while upload remains fine my ping was sitting at 50 and over 300 loaded. i checked everything in my house twice and decided to change from cloudflares dns back to my isp’s and the issue went away.

Anyone else experience this using cloudflare?

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Noob question will changing the Cname and A host values break my website?

Trying to connect mailchimp to my wix website so i can email people from

If I change the cname and ahost values from the default settings in the first image to the settings in the 2nd image will it make my website stop working?

My guess is no, but I wanted to check before I went along with it. I know this is a very noob question and I have a somewhat of an understanding of this stuff and tried to find an answer for myself but I’m not confident.


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MX Record Nightmares

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

I have been trying to get my Gsuite email working with no luck. I am able to send emails but not receive any. I have a google domain domain, Gsuite, and a GCP compute engine with cloud DNS enabled. Currently, under google domains I have custom domain servers, and have all of the synthetic records turned off. In the GCP cloud DNS settings, I have (I think) correct MX records set up. Still, when I go into Gsuite admin, no active MX records are recognized. What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you!

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DNSSEC and Delegation


New to DNSSEC.

I’m in a situation where I have to set up a delegation in a DNSSEC-enabled zone. For purpose of illustration, is DNSSEC-enabled and I need to delegate The hitch is that lives on two name servers that are under management elsewhere and those name servers are not DNSSEC-enabled.

Is it possible to do this delegation without setting up DNSSEC for Or must they set it up in the child zone because we’re using it on the parent zone


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