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Visibility of Subdomains Over HTTPS

I’m curious about what can be seen by a DNS resolver (e.g ISP) when using HTTPS websites.

My current understanding, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is that if I want to access the subdomain that is contained within the domain, a DNS request is sent out in clear text to a DNS resolver for, an encrypted connection is established and then all subsequent requests for the subdomain and any information that may follow the domain name are encrypted and can not be seen by the DNS resolver. Is this correct?

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Did we get hacked? What is this?

Yesterday we had some emails come from our WordPress website to quite a few of our users. Instead of the normal domain, they came from a subdomain.

The day before that our security scan reported this:

Your DNS records have changed Old DNS records: points to New DNS records:
Severity: Warning Status New We have detected a change in the CNAME records of your DNS configuration for the domain A CNAME record is an alias that is used to point a domain name to another domain name. For example can point to which then points to an IP address of A change in your DNS records may indicate that a hacker has hacked into your DNS administration system and has pointed your email or website to their own server for malicious purposes. It could also indicate that your domain has expired. If you made this change yourself you can mark it ‘resolved’ and safely ignore it.

We don’t have a subdomain named to begin with. What’s up here?

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How to set MX record for external mail server

I am new to setting DNS records and I am a bit confused.

Situation: Client have registered a domain which he has an email hosting from a separate provider. My client cannot recollect what he did with the domain register in order to have the email hosting working, but let’s assume he set the DNS to the email hosting provider.

Now he wants a website and have the website hosted with us, which will be a shared hosting account we have with a hosting provider. He would like to retain his current email hosting so he can keep all the email and continue on using a custom web email client his current email hosting provider provide.

So in this case, what should have done is to set the Name Server to my web hosting DNS, and from my hosting DNS set a MX/A record pointing toward his email hosting server? Is that what should be done?

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New forest dcpromo missing records

Hi guys

All help appreciated!!

I’m fairly new with this. I created a new domain and ran dcpromo.

And noticed a few DC’s had issues receiving a few service records (_ldap._tcp) and where some received it fine.

A colleague recommended creating the record manually for one of the servers and that it should force replication on other sites with issues.

We did this and found that it did indeed replicate just fine, however event viewer still have the error in event viewer and nothing recent.

I’m wondering if there’s a command I can run for it to force and check these records again to reset the health or event counter?

Thank you

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