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DNS-Nooby here. Need help with setting up my DNS zone =(

Hello guys I really need some help. My current DNS zone file looks like this:

@ 10800 IN A

blog 10800 IN CNAME

imap 10800 IN CNAME

pop 10800 IN CNAME

smtp 10800 IN CNAME

webmail 10800 IN CNAME

www 10800 IN CNAME

@ 10800 IN MX 50

@ 10800 IN MX 10

@ 10800 IN TXT “v=spf1 ?all”

I’m not able to set up my DNS zone so that I’m able to get on my website by only typing “” into the adressbar.” works like a charm (I think because its set up properly with [www 10800 IN CNAME] ??)

What do I have to do in this DNS zone file to be able to only type “” into my adress bar and connect properly with my website?

A CNAME-line or another A-line?

Would changing this line resolve my issue? : “@ 10800 IN A”

Any help appreciated =(

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Need to add an SRV record, but the DNS host doesn’t have that an an option.

I’m servicing a client’s DNS, and I need to add a couple SRV records. But their DNS host only has A, TXT, CNAME, and MX as options.
Before we go any further, telling me to go with another DNS host isn’t productive. It’s not my decision.
I’ve called their support, but it goes directly to voicemail. I’ve submitted a ticket to their web portal, but it is untouched more than 24 hours later.
So… is there a way to add an SRV record as a TXT/A or other record?

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Dyn Attack Question!


I’m a newbie to DNS, and I was doing some research into the Dyn attack of October 2016 as a sort of learning case study.

One thing that I noticed was that while Reddit was widely reported as being down, all the historical nameserver lookups I’ve done have AWS nameservers listed for reddit at the time of the attack. Example:

Was some sort of secondary content delivery domain reliant on Dyn in this case? That appears to be what happened to Netflix. Haven’t been able to find a good postmortem anywhere.

Thanks so much!

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External domain resolution

DNS rookie here, I set up an AD domain as on a windows server 2012r2 DC which I also want to use as DNS server. It created a forward lookup zone for the parent

So the issue I have is that I can’t reach

How can I set this up correctly? I thought about deleting that zone but I get a nasty warning from DNS manager about AD integration.

I appreciate the help!

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Subnet wont translate FQDN or single-label names, sort-of works when using

I would just like a push in the right direction, as I am fairly new to networking.. especially DNS, and I did not create the original network. I think I’m going through a “is it dns? it cant be dns… its dns”.

Basically, -critical (works) -clients (works) -new subnet

I can ping IP across the other subnet. I can ping google, but I cannot ping to fqdn or single-label names. When using google dns, only internet works nothing local.

Am I looking at a forward or reverse issue here? or both? The scopes are all set up properly afaik, they were there when I inherited, I was thinking a WINS issue but its not set up on the other scope either and that one works fine. I need DHCP on this subnet for SSLVPN.

What I noticed is clients will get a “connection-specific dns suffix” via ipconfig/all meanwhile do not get one.

Subnets are set up on a cisco router, firewall is off for testing purposes, Server2012r2 AD DC DHCP DNS, all clients run win7/10pro.

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Help with records


I’m trying to make a local network for to make a phishing server so i can test my employees to see how IT mature they are. i have:

1 Windows 7 client

1 Mailserver (iRedMail)

1 DNS server (Bind9)

1 Phish server (Gophish)

my dns server works fine within my linux devices but not on my Windows 7 client, i can get the windows 7 to work if i put all my linux servers in the hosts file.

My problem is that i can’t send mails though my gophish server, i get the error “Host not found” i can ping and nslookup all my devices. I think my record might be wrong i have attached my records from the dns server and my host files from all devices.

My mailserver works fine i have send some test mails.

I hope you can help me. Thanks!

Mailserver hosts file:

DNS zone:

DNS zone rev:

DNS hosts:

Phish hosts:

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