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Could have been nice if the URL scheme was just a bit cleaner like:

Somewhat of a DNS shower thought. What if we could (we can’t) redesign URLs?

The protocol or scheme (first part) can completely override how the rest of the string is handled. Schemes generally don’t have a dot in them so they don’t need a special separator like ://.

Currently to handle a URL, a reader needs to start from the far left, then the far right, and work back to the left. So we could fix the order to follow the hierarchy.

The DNS record itself, or the communicating connection, could declare whether the IP address will use https or http (as is done today with the HTTP Strict-Transport-Security response header). So it doesn’t make sense for the scheme to declare the wire protocol – the dns scheme would just define where the resource is.

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CNAME to NOIP error

I am getting an error with pointing a cname to a noip address. Basically something is happens – in that I get the below error:

my setup is as follows:

  • I am hosting an ASP.NET application on my local network with noip updating the ip successfully to (not my real hostname) using a “port 80 redirect” to port 8080 on my IIS server
  • on godaddy I have my own custom domain. I’ve set a cname

If I go directly to, then the webapp loads just fine, however if I use I get the image in the above screenshot.. which is not part of my application and I have no idea where this is coming from.

Using host command in terminal shows me the right pointers as well. Any ideas what may be going wrong?

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Cannot access websites even whilst my DNS is set to Google

My country is blocking certain webpages and usually I am able to get around this with the DNS settings to, or but this isn’t working. I’ve cleared cache on my browser and flushed my DNS through CMD using ipconfig and restarted my PC as well but no dice. Suggestions? I don’t want my country telling me what I can or can’t consume on the net.

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