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Yet another dns question for r/dns

Hello, hoping someone ’round here is willing to help clarify how I might accomplish the following configuration:

I am hosting an app that uses port 80. I wish to configure a reverse proxy that points to that app for remote access. From the tutorials I’ve read I’ve gathered I need to have my domains dns records resolved to my wan ip. My problem is my wan ip is dhcp, so I’m not sure how i would set up the records and domain name?

Would i need a static ip?

Is there some solution that combines dynamic dns with a domain name?

Any help or nudge in the right direction would be appreciated! TIA

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A Question About DNS. . . from a noob about tech.

why do we need DNS?

in my simple understanding DNS is used to translate to something like 190.21.31 so that our pc can access it. . . my question is so why dont we just change the 190.21.31 or the ip address to wikipedia instead so we dont need DNS client and server to connect to each other first before we can make connection to website ? my teacher asked me this and unfortunately i dont have the intelligence to answer it. . . can anyone kindly give an explanation?

One explanation i found on the internet is that the router, prefer fixed length hierarchical IP rather than an alpha numeric website with various length .

But considering technology now, and the speed that a computer can process i dont think that is the main problem??

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BIND: Redirecting queries just for a public zone to a different nameserver

Dear, I have a BIND authoritative name server for our internal domains (bind 9.10.3 But nw I have to forward queries to just a given public domain “” to Google resolver in order to get a valid response.

In named.conf.local I’ve defined:

acl internet_clientes {; };

view “internet” {

match-clients { internet_clients; key “company”; };

recursion yes;

zone “” {

type forward;

forward only;

forwarders {;




After restart my bind9 service, clients from can resolve, but also they can resolve ANY Internet public domain (,, etc.). So the initial idea was just to forward the “” domain to and no more.

Please can you help me at this implementation?

Thanks and regards!!!

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External Domain CNAME Bind9 (Help)

The company I work for is implementing a new product into our network. All devices accessing this product will do so through our DNS. The developer for this product stated we just need to add a CNAME record (one of their domains) to our DNS with the ending A records pointing to one of their IPs.

Most days I know enough about bind to struggle through, but I am not getting anywhere with this. This is what I have done so far:

Their IP (Example):

Their Domain (Example):

In DNS I created an A record:

product.mydomain.comIN A 

This resolves correctly. Now I wanted to add a CNAME to my A record: IN CNAME 

However, after saving and restarting dns, when I do an NSLOOKUP I get the following:

** server can't find NXDOMAIN 

If I change the CNAME to:

hotdog IN CNAME 

When I do an NSLOOKUP this works:

Non-authoritative answer: hotdog.mydomain.comcanonical name = Name: Address: 

So, I am at a bit of a loss.

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