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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Tools to stress test load balanced DNS?

Wondering if you guys had any suggestions for tools we can use to stress test our load balanced DNS setup

Currently we have 4 VM’s set up with BIND 9 as caching servers, and in front is a hardware load balancer. With regular usage traffic does seem to be balanced, however when we run resperf we get weird results

Judging by the load balancers monitoring, it seems as if resperf only opens one connection to send all it’s requests through. We see a huge spike in load balancer throughput but only a handful of open connections. Looking at ESXi performance monitoring it shows only one VM showing any signs of load, meaning one DNS server is handling all the resperf requests, defeating the purpose of the load balancer

What we need is a tool or method to open multiple connections to stress test our whole setup. Right now our plan is just to run resperf on multiple clients simultaneously, but if there is a better way that I can run on just one client that would be preferable

Like I said in regular use tests load balancing is working fine, but we can’t seem to find a way to stress test/benchmark the system yet

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Verizon Wireless DNS purge

I don’t know where else to turn, so hopefully somebody here can provide some insight…

Last Wednesday I migrated a site to a new server and updated the nameserver. The new site took a while to show up for some servers (as expected) but it’s still not showing up for people using Verizon phones over cellular. I’ve never known a migration to take this long and my client is getting frustrated.

Does anybody know how often Verizon flushes their DNS? That’s the only issue I can still think of. If any of you are Verizon wireless users can you check the site for me and see if you’re getting it? urbanasweetcornfestival.com

Thank you!

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Decommissioning old DNS server

We have a new AD integrated domain that is running just fine, let’s call it newdomain.ca

Our old non AD domain (MS server 2003), let’s call it olddomain.ca, still has a bunch of records we need to preserve, including our MX.

While the new AD domain was being deployed, we kept access to the olddomain records by setting up a conditional forwarder (olddomain.ca) on the new DNS server.

Now that we are finally ready to ditch the old DNS server, we cannot create a new zone named olddomain.ca until the conditional forwarder with the same name is removed.

Is there a less painful way forward, other than deleting the forwarder, creating an olddomain.ca AD zone, and manually recreating all the records?

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My friend recently asked me too take a look at her computer and I noticed a virus like item called DNSContreras. What it does is create popups on every web page she goes too. I’ve removed the file from the programs application as well as ran CCleaner to ensure it was completely uninstalled yet it is still showing. When I run a windows search through my files for DNSContreras nothing comes up. I have also run MSConfig to ensure it was not a start up item or a system item. Has anyone had this or can someone steer me to someone who may know how to get rid of it? She is using a Windows 7 Dell PC.

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What DNS servers offer alternatives to round robin load balancing? Preferably random load balancing.

I have no interest in geo location orientated load balancing just something other than round robin (which just rotates IPs sequentially in the same order time after time). I came across PowerDNS that supports wrandom by using dnsdist. Any others?

For my needs I only need a recursive/cache DNS server I can enter custom IPs in (for LAN use) but if I need to run a localhost authoritative sever to communicate with the recursive server I can do so.

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ClouDNS 6 months Personal or DDoS Professional DNS hosting free

Just spotted this and signed up,

They are cheap anyway, but a free 6 month trial is always better 🙂

Sign up to http://www.cloudns.net/

Once logged in go Subscription > Vouchers Enter PREMIUM-SUMMER-2015 for 6 months free Personal Account ($12 worth) or Enter DDOS-SUMMER-2015 for 6 months free DDoS Professional ($27 worth)

Referral ( If you feel like helping me out ): http://www.cloudns.net/aff/id/121789/

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DNS scripting

Hi everyone: Actually I need to deploy a scriptable dns server for educational stuff. I have tried unbound server which is capable of using python scripts with it.

The problem is that I have not found documentation that guides me through the process. What I need is a script that: * Intercepts the dns query * Look for the host name on a database and retrieve the ip from the same database * Look for the IP in the forwarder DNS server * If they are different, update in the database. If the dns does not know the host but is in the database, reply with that ip.

If some one can point me in the right direction will be a real life saver

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question on dnssec key rollovers and notification

I had to resign our .com zone as the old signer was mismatched with the rest of the nameservers – i sorted it but my question is there a good alert website / mailing list that might alert that other keys where revoked on x date without going to dnsviz to see failure.

I am not complaining but since its my first production rollover in a couple of months and now know what weird stuff can happen and fixed it is not all bad.

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DNS setup procedure list.

Hoping this is an alright place to ask this.

I’ve built a product which has a custom domains feature. We’re starting to get more and more support queries by people wanting setup instructions for varying DNS providers.

I was thinking of putting together a help document so users can try and follow self-service instructions a la https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/service/SetupServingDomainInstructions and https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378-Connecting-a-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site

So my question. Does anyone know of a public list which may describe specific DNS setup instructions for different providers? If not, would anyone be interested in helping to contribute to such a list (I was thinking just a GitHub repo with a markdown doc for each provider).


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