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External DNS server updated with dynamic IP

I am wanting to turn my old raspberry pi into an external DNS server and host my domains DNS settings. I have a dynamic IP and would like to update my external DNS record with the IP as it changes. Has anyone done something like this? I have read a few links with some good info but figured I would ask. My first thought of doing this isn’t very elegant. It would be a standard External dns server with an email client that runs a script to replace the records IP with the IP that was sent to the client.


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Trouble transferring domain from vista print to squarespace

So I am trying to help a friend. He has a website on vista print that he has been using for about 6 months for his business but vista print looks like garbage so I created a new website on square space and I’m trying to transfer my domain to square space now.

So far Ive -released my domain from vista print -purchased hosting

It seems that I need to adjust my registrars information to point to square space and I don’t need additional web hosting if I’m paying for squarespace. I have the login information for the end user opensrs domain manager but I think I need the log in information for the reseller domain manager that vista print has access to.

I’m probably not explaining this right but I’d appreciate some help.

The domain is allaboutfitnessinc.com if that helps

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Could use a bit of mentoring on this config

Hi all,

I’m novice at best in the DNS world, and trying to set something up and could use a tiny bit of guidance. Would love to pay it forward one day.

I own two url’s, sampleA.ca and sampleB.ca. My friend has been kind enough to let me use his mail.sampleA.ca server for free email.

Currently my entire website exists on sampleB.ca, I chose that name for SEO reasons. The simpler url name sample.ca currently 301’s to sampleB.ca, and that works correctly. There is no actual sampleA.ca website, I just need that name. Recently the operators of the business decided they wanted to use bookings@sampleA.ca as their emails, and that’s what I’m trying to configure. I’ve never done that for something that’s just redirecting. My DNS records look like this right now:

CNAME www parkingpage.namecheap.com (I’ve not changed that since registering)

my 301 to sampleB.ca (which Namecheap offers as a pretty simple setup)

A mail.sampleA.ca (his server IP)

MX @ mail.sampleA.ca

And that’s all I’ve got. I’ll do the SPF record once that at least sends. Do I have any glaring omissions? It’s the CNAME and A records that I’m really unsure about as I’ve never had a DNS file before for a site I didn’t point to my hosting. Thanks in advance, this has been frustrating.

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example.com works but www.example.com results in “DNS address could not be found”

I am a complete DNS noob, and I can’t figure out how to fix this. I see a lot of resources online about editing A records or something like that, but they all seem to assume the user knows much more about it then I do, so I’m struggling to resolve the issue.

The domain was bought from GoDaddy and the DNS is managed from DigitalOcean.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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