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Monthly Archive: October 2018

Migrating Windows Domain to a New Forest. How to set up Alias’s to Old Domain Name?

I am in the process of migrating our domain to a new forest (company merger). I have almost everything migrated from www.example.com to www.txt.company.local. Even though I have most of the migration finished (all workstations and 90% of servers), I am going to have to keep the trust active until we can physically migrate our Exchange servers from our location to corporate. Since the trust is still active, I am still using www.example.com‘s DNS server. I need to move over to using www.txt.company.local’s DNS server. My question is, how do I keep alive the CNAME alias’s I have created on the old DNS server? For example, I have an CName for www on the old domain. If I put in a CNAME on the new DNS for www, it automatically fills out the FQDN as www.txt.company.local. I need this to be www.example.com. Is this where I’d use a DNAME? Do I need to create a new zone with the old domain on it?

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How do you configure a Secondary DNS Server?

I’m asking in general terms, no specifics on any platform, but how do you configure a Secondary DNS Server?

Do I need the same SOA on Secondary DNS, as Primary?

Also does the Primary DNS include the nameservers of Secondary? or do I only need to add the Primary nameservers to the Secondary?

Let’s pretend all other record types are in sync…(A,AAAA,CNAME,…)

This is confusing me for long time.


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IPv6 rDNS subdelelgation


If this has been posted elsewhere, please forgive me — I was unable to find it. I’m looking in to how to subdelegate rDNS authority from a /32 IPv6 (authoritative) for a customers /48 (their nameservers)

Google’ing pointed me in the direction that I *might* be able to simply add the trailing nibble to the /32 ip6.arpa zone with an NS record to the customers DNS servers, unfortunately that does not appear to be working.


let’s say we have 2204:6c80::/32 we’d make the zone: 0.8.c.

And we could do whatever PTRs we want there
b. PTR my.domain.com

I was hoping/thinking based on that article I found, if for instance we wanted to delegate 2204:6c80:e::/48 to a downstream DNS server we could (much like classless IPv4 delegation) go:

e.0.0.0 NS downstream.server.com.

That does not appear to work though.

Any thoughts?

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