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Monthly Archive: December 2017

New forest dcpromo missing records

Hi guys

All help appreciated!!

I’m fairly new with this. I created a new domain and ran dcpromo.

And noticed a few DC’s had issues receiving a few service records (_ldap._tcp) and where some received it fine.

A colleague recommended creating the record manually for one of the servers and that it should force replication on other sites with issues.

We did this and found that it did indeed replicate just fine, however event viewer still have the error in event viewer and nothing recent.

I’m wondering if there’s a command I can run for it to force and check these records again to reset the health or event counter?

Thank you

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Issues with Google DNS?

I am having some weird issues with Google’s Cloud DNS today.

We normally use Google Cloud for our DNS but all of a sudden late last night it seemed like our site just dropped off the face of the Earth. Nothing on our domain resolved until I moved all of our records over to Route 53 and changed the nameservers. Of course no issues reported by Google.

Now everything is working fine except for our main MX record which of course is pointing to Google Apps and still not resolving. (Other MX records for subdomains using SES are working fine)

Any ideas on why this might have happened?

Edit: fixed the MX issue, that was my fault. General question still remains as to how this broke.

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