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Monthly Archive: February 2019

Is it possible to make a domain use its​ own nameservers?

Hi. I have 2 domains; let’s say they are asd.com and xyz.com .

In my registrar settings I’ve successfully created private nameservers (NS and A registries) for asd.com; ns1.asd.com, ns2.asd.com.

After it I set xyz.com‘s nameservers to ns1.asd.comns2.asd.com . Everything works fine.

But in this situation; asd.com is still using the registrars nameservers, ns1.natro.com and ns2.natro.com.

Now my question is, -if it is possible- I want to set asd.com‘s nameservers to its very own nameservers, but my logic says it is not possible.

Could you please enlighten me?

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Child Domain Active Directory Zone folders needed?

My question is whether or not I need a DNS zone for a subdomain if the parent domain is managing all the records.

My example config:

Child 1 Domain Controller

-Forwardlookup Zones

  • –Parent.com
  1. —Child1
  2. —Child2
  3. —_msdcs
  4. —__sites
  5. —etc…
  • –Child1.Parent.com

I’m getting the below DCDIAG error on the DNS servers that don’t display their own Zone outside of the parent zone folder, but the one DNS server that does show it’s own Child1.Parent.com folder is severely out of date and not a single NS record in points to an existing domain controller, so it can’t be doing anything.

“TEST: Basic (Basc)

Warning: The Active Directory zone on this DC/DNS server was not found (probably a misconfiguration)”

So do I need those subdomain DNS zones in the appropriate child domain AD/DNS servers?

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Forwarding subdomain to specific port


I have a server that I can reach on a public IP and port xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx that I set up as a remote desktop gateway, I want to use it to RDP to other servers in the same subnet. Obviously it works when I use the public IP and port but I was wondering if it’s possible to simply enter a subdomain (e.g.: rdg.example.com) and have that point to the public IP and port. Created A record and tried some SRV stuff but can’t seem to get it to work.

Any help?

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