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Problems setting up email accounts after switching to individual SSL certs


I have two domains (masked for security reasons): a.com and b.com. The a.com has a subdomain mail.a.com which has an SSL certificate, it is also the hostname used for MTA (postfix).

The DNS records for a.com are

MX => 10 mail.a.com

CNAME for mail.a.com => a.com

And the DNS records for b.com are

MX => 10 mail.a.com

The mail was working perfectly until I decided to have seperate SSL certs. Now there are problems with Thunderbird – it finds everything perfectly for a.com, but not for b.com. I have to manually enter the “Server hostname” so it points to mail.a.com instead of mail.b.com. After that, it works excellent. I thought that MX record are those responsible for that (consulted when Thunderbird is searching for config) but I guess I’m wrong.

What should I do so that mail clients recognize the correct mail server, in this case mail.a.com not mail.b.com?

Thank you so much

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Question about DNS registration and cache.

Hey guys! I’ve been reading about DNS but i still have some questions. I’ve decided to put them in a “history” to express myself better.

Suppose i have registered the domain “ilikecats.com.br”; After that, suppose i have configured two servers i own to be DNS servers and have registered them.

First question: How exactly do you “register” a DNS server you own so the TLD DNS servers know you exist? In other words, so that when someone queries the “.com” DNS servers they will direct the query to your DNS server?

Moving on: I have then configured these two DNS servers to point the “ilikecats.com.br” domain to an ip address “x.x.x.x”. An adequate amount of time has passed and now everyone can access the website.

Second question: Suppose i change the ip address in my DNS server for “ilikecats.com.br” from “x.x.x.x” to “y.y.y.y”. If someone who has never acessed the site before tries to access it now, will they be able to? I’m thinking “yes” because there is no IP address cached on their computer, so they will have to query it directly from my DNS server, but is there another cache somewhere else that i don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!

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I need help.

Hello, I need to setup a Name Server record on my Github Pages website – problem is I can’t find any guide that says how to use an NS record on Github.

I have two nameservers, ns1.biz.nf and ns2.biz.nf.

Is it ok if I put them in my CNAME record? I’ve tried creating a file called NS but that doesn’t seem to work. Do you have a solution?

Go easy on me, I’m 13.

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