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Monthly Archive: June 2016

Does anyone have the com. or .net zone files for 2016-06-20?

I realize that this is a long shot but I want to give it a try. Does anyone have the com. and/or net. zone files for 2016-06-20? My cluster took a hit a few days ago and everything seems fine except those particular zones. Does anyone have the ones for that day by any chance or know how to get it?

EDIT: It was mentioned in the post below that people are not allowed to share them. With that said, does anyone know if there’s a service such as premiumdrops that can let me download a past day’s zone?

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Can a Domain Have No DNS Servers?

I have a domain (I’m sorry I can’t divulge the name of it) that apparently has no DNS servers associated with it. I say this because when I do an NSLOOKUP for the SOA or NS records for the domain it says it can’t find the domain and it says “Server Failed”. Also, if I try to ping the domain it says it can’t find the host.

If I run a WHOIS for the domain the WHOIS information says that the name servers for the domain are ns12.domaincontrol.com and ns11.domaincontrol.com.

I didn’t know it was possible to have a domain and not be able to ping it or to not have any name servers for it. Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this?

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Block lots of domains using hosts or DNS resolver?

If I want to compile a massive list of domains to block from other existing domains for blocking malware and ads, is it better to simply add them to the host file or use a DNS resolver such as dnsmasq that supports wildcards for performance reasons? I’ve heard that using a host file might be better (is it because wildcards is the reason that DNS resolver method is slower?).

P.S. DNS resolver like dnsmasq is used for DNS caching, but doesn’t the operating system already do DNS caching? For example, on Windows, ipconfig /flushdns empties the DNS cache.

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