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[Need Medic] DnsCrypt Problem on Android

Hi All,

Hope you are well. I want to use DnsCrypt in my device but i have some problems. Let me explain.

1) I flashed this*1 zip and installed. Also i installed DNS Changer for changing DNS address with and worked. But i can’t uninstall DnsCrypt from my device. Do you have idea about this?

2) I found another DnsCrypt flashable installer from Github*2 but again i couldn’t find a way for uninstall. Do you have idea about this?

3) I thought and i want to make my own build flashable zip with this3 file but i don’t know how can i do this. You can ask me “why do you want this? Someone created for you?” I just wanted to create with the latest version3.

If possible could you please help me about this issues?

Thank you so much.

*1: https://dnsmanager.me/dnscrypt-proxy-android-armv7-a-1.9.4.zip

*2: https://github.com/uzen/dnscrypt-android/releases/download/1.3/Installer-1.3-dnscrypt-proxy-android-2.0.17-ARM-20181016.zip

*3: https://github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy/releases/download/2.0.19/dnscrypt-proxy-android_arm-2.0.19.zip

Have a happy day.

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More issues with forcesafesearch.google.com and Windows DNS?

I’m having the exact same issue as documented on the following thread:


Of all the KB numbers listed, I had one. I removed it, but I still experience the issue. The person who posted the answer mentioned that the problem seems to be associated with each subsequent non-security role-up.

Is there a way I can quickly determine what those are, or anything else I may be overlooking?

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I’m debating still after reading tons of articles

Which is the overall best or should I say most reliable, secured and speedy out of these contenders:

Google DNS


CloudFlare DNS

Quad9 DNS

These seems to be the most popular I see in many articles always having either Google DNS or OpenDNS as No.1. 🤔

If I missed any other highly potential contender to these 4 you can add them in as well.

Personally, I’ve been using the Google DNS but sometimes I find it a bit slow at certain times in the day.

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Question on using a specific nameserver to direct to domain name

I am working on a group project where we’re trying to setup an apache web server. We’ve bought a domain name from GoDaddy and want to use it for the server. This is the first time any of us have done anything like this. I am still learning about DNS, so my understanding is that when you enter a URL into the bar that it directs it to the root nameserver, which then passes it to another nameserver, or it doesn’t go to the root in practice but goes to a nameserver with a cache of what was on that site. The issue is that it is one of the other people in the group that wants to host the server on their laptop, so when we point the GoDaddy domain name to their laptop with Apache I’d like to have a way for them to check if they are pointing the A record (address record) to the right IP address. I am not sure if there is a way to enter a URL or something in the browser and ask for the request to be directed directly to the GoDaddy nameserver so they can check in real time if its working and not wait for another nameserver’s old cache to be updated.

Also my understanding is that it needs to be an external IP address that is being pointed to. Would this be the router’s external ip, or the laptop’s? Thanks

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Is it too hard changing DNS in Android permanently? (I have root)

Hi All,

I am using LineageOS 14.1 and also have root access. I found this link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/general/xda-university/guide-how-to-change-dns-android-device-t3273769

I am using ES Explorer and tried to find 20-dns.conf file but no luck. I tried to find resolv.conf file but no luck. I created myself resolv.conf and defined permissions. Tried, didn’t work. If someone knows an app which is making Indexing for fast search files (with root) please share.

I tried to use application for change DNS. It is wporking but “partly”. What does mean partly? I am testing with dnsleaktest.com website. There is two (2) DNS addresses. First is my 3G provider’s DNS and second is (app). I thought this app is not working fully and tried some. They are all same. They are changing DNS but my 3G provider’s DNS is not going.

If someone knows an app which is making Indexing for fast search files (with root) please share.

EDIT: I found this app. This making Indexing and really fast searching but there is a problem. This is only for /sdcard/ partition. I am looking for all device, i mean with r00t access.


I need your experiences.

Could you please help me about this issue?

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