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301 Redirect

I am having an issue trying to get my company’s website to load while on the domain network. My domain and public website address are exactly the same. With the devtools open in Chrome and I go to www.domain.com I get a 301 redirect to domain.com which when it tries to resolve domain.com it picks up my internal domain controller/DNS servers.

From any client in the network I do an nslookup on www.domain.com I get the correct external IP.

An nslookup on domain.com, I get my internal DC’s/DNS servers and the external IP.

In the Forward Lookup Zone I can add a blank name “A” record and a www “A” record to the correct external IP and remove the auto generated “(same as parent folder)” records; everything works fine until the “(same as parent folder)” records renew.

Any help would be appreciated.

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All in one dns help?

Im having a rough time hammering out certain DNS aspects. I understand what DNS does. I understand the simpler aspects of what a MX record is (mail) and A record is but not too much beyond. I can loosely troubleshoot with dig regarding “Cant access this website” based issues. But where I get confused is how this all comes together. Registrars, web hosters, how and where changes are actually made to reflect across the net, troubleshooting websites hosted behind simple static IP addresses vs troubleshooting websites that belong to major webhosters…its hard to get across what exactly im looking for but any resource that helps explain the relationship on setting up websites, troubleshooting various dns aspects, explaining the relationships, how me running a website on a windows machine vs using godaddy+whoever, running a website with a public IP from my ISP vs using a hoster..that sort of stuff.

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I don't get the point of the "name servers" could anyone enlighten me please?

so I’ve been learning about DNS, installing and running my own DNS on centos machine using named package. I think I know what name servers do. (They handle the DNS requests and give the ip address of the requested server, right?) I really don’t get the point of name servers, however, even though so much time passed.
I mean, nameservers for “somesite.com” are usually in the format of ns1.somesite.com, ns2.somesite.com, right? Although a site can use nameservers elsewhere, I’ve noticed that most sites use their own name servers.
They’re not actually different servers, they just have different subdomains which is ns1, ns2. so isn’t using multiple nameservers more complex? why can’t the dotcom namespace just give the direct site address which is “thissite.com” and the site handles the request? It’s usually the exact same server anyway. Also, what’s the point of using the nameservers elsewhere for some webservers that do? I’ve been googling all day to grasp the concept of name servers, but I just can’t. I’d really appreciate if anyone could teach me please. Thank you.

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DNS question from a (jr) sysadmin

Ok, so I’m the sysadmin at my company, and as such I’ve got the responsibility to manage the network, and the dns in that network.

DNS has never been my forté, and I am wondering:

On our network we (currently) only have one name-server (I intend to improve this situation by adding a second server later). Do I point all the other servers and the workstations only to the internal name-server(s) and let that one forward queries, or do I also point the servers and workstations to the ISP’s name-servers?

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Is it silly to use a DNS server that is in another continent?

<!– SC_OFF –><div class=”md”><p>I live on the East Coast the US and the fastest DNSSEC and DNSCrypt compatible DNS server that does not log that I've found is in Germany (according to DNSCrypt 'list of DNS servers). The speeds according to DNS Benchmark is 3-4 times slower than Google Public DNS. </p> <p>Also, DNSSEC has been around for a long time. Are we at a point where it will actually be popular in the near future, like the way IPv6 is?</p> </div><!– SC_ON –> submitted by

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Sons tablet help

<!– SC_OFF –><div class=”md”><p>I bought my son a kindle fire for kids tablet for Xmas however we live in Spain and I did not know at the time that he would not be able to watch any of the pre loaded films or TV shows, I know changing the DNS would fix this however I have tried multiple different ones and they did not work! Can anyone help me?</p> </div><!– SC_ON –> submitted by

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