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After adding CNAMEs, the WWW version of domain doesn’t work. Any ideas why?

I’m using Cloudfront as a CDN, and I’m using CNAME entries at my hosting company to show my domain name in lieu of the cloudfront address.

To that end, my DNS entries at the host are formatted like this:

cdn.example.com CNAME 14400 123456789.cloudfront.net www.cdn.example.com CNAME 14400 123456789.cloudfront.net 

After waiting for them to propogate, I tested both at DNSchecker.org.

The first version (cdn.example.com) points to the cloudfront distribution as I’d hoped.

But, the second version (www.cdn.example.com) doesn’t point anywhere.

Any idea why one would point to cloudfront but not the other?

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GoDaddy DMARC Record Issues

Several months ago I added dmarc txt records to my domain for use in office365, but for whatever reason, when I query my domain with mxtoolbox or a `dig txt _dmarc.<domain>.com`, the dmarc policy does not appear.

When I run the dig command, GoDaddy answers with an SOA result with the value:

ns33.domaincontrol.com. dns.jomax.net.

My dmarc txt records are at the bottom of my DNS entries and are formed as such:

TXT – _dmarc.<domain>.com – v=DMARC1; p=quarantine – 1 hour

I’ve tried deleted the record and adding it back, but I get the same results. Another domain I have configured the same way, and I receive the correct response from mxtoolbox and dig. If anyone has any insights into why this may be happening, I’d appreciate it.

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Customer domain redirect

Hi all, I’ve been hanging my head over something I thought would be simple enough.

We have a customer that we host a demo site for (with our domain) that they would like to have under their domain name (to match production site).

We are using an F5 appliance and the demo site was working fine under our domain, but it seems something is not set properly. The production site is not yet set in F5, this whole thing is basically testing for that.

I’ve modified IIS to match their requested address and their new certificate. I’ve created a forward look up zone in DNS manager with an A record with the F5’s virtual server specifically for this site. Provided them the external IP of the F5 virtual server. Set up the normal policy in F5 to forward traffic to the appropriate pool. Verified firewall settings. Unfortunately the site doesn’t seem to load.

I have modified my host file to confirm its working internally, so I feel as if this may be a DNS issue on their end. They did inform me they have records for both the old and new names with the same IP (the one I provided for the F5 external). Just looking for any other ideas before I start accusing them if not updating DNS records. Thanks!

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Quick queryregarding CloudFlare

Where I work, we are preparing to move one of our clients DNS to Cloudflare due to problems with spam and DDOS attacks in the past.

With this, I shouldn’t expect there’d be any downtime as the server remains up at it’s IP, and as far as it is concerned nothing has changed (this is how I see it).

But I was wondering if there was anything cloudflare put in the line which could affect the websites performance and SEO negatively. We are expecting CloudFlare will be keeping a cached version of the site (taken every 4 hours?). But we shoudn’t see any issues with crawlers accessing the site right?


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Subdomain MX record.

Hey all,

Help me out;

Got a service that we are paying a 3rd party to provide. Lets call it service1. A pre-requisite is to create a CNAME for service1 in our domains DNS zone to their web front end.

CNAME service1.ourdomain.com = frontend.3rdpartydomain.com

Part of this service is a requirement to deliver e-mail so they’ve now requested that we create an MX record for their own e-mail service in our DNS zone so;

MX mail.service1.ourdomain.com = genericmailserver.org

Is this safe to do? This won’t affect e-mail delivery for ourdomain.com will it?

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