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Azure CDN & Cloudflare DNS

Good morning! It’s my first time here, so hello.

I’ve set up an Azure CDN endpoint to expose my static website in Azure storage. Now, I have also added Cloudflare as my DNS provider. After the recommended 6-8 hours my naked domain still does resvolve to the correct xxx.azureedge.net. However, the www.xxx.com version points resolves directly to the correct xxx.azureedge.net. I’ve turned out the orange cloud (proxy) with Cloudflare for the initial verification. I have also added CNAMES at Cloudflare for the naked domain, the www and cdnverify.

Any thoughts here? Do I need to wait longer? Any help would be appreciated

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Need help: DOH bind9

Hey guys,

How do I get my bind 9 feeding off root servers to do queues over HTTPS?

I use the Android app from cloud flare and it bypasses a lot of blocks set for by upstream. I don’t use the warp function of the app yet it still works.

From my understanding it works because am the queues are over HTTPS. How do I do the same for my bind 9 server? Would somebody be kind enough to point me to a few guides that I could follow?

Thank you

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Delegate Sub-Subdomains


I want to manage a few own subdomains in my own Google Projects.

For this I have create a Shared VPC in GCP with Cloud-DNS and create a delegate on my Root Domain for the new subdomain. (gcp.example.com)
Rootdomain: example.com
Create NS Delegate : gcp.example.com with GCP Cloud DNS Servers (works fine so far)

Now I want to manage some subprojects with their own domains like:

Because this domains are hosted in their own GCP Projects (VPCs), I need new DNS delgations.

Could / Should I manage this delegations in my GCP Cloud DNS gcp.example.com or should I manage this delegations in my rootdomain example.com?


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Warning: Websites with domains at GoDaddy being flagged as “suspicious” by Google

Just noticed this today.

Google is flagging any sites who use GoDaddy and domain forwarding (e.g., example.com to www.example.com) as a suspicious link (not for every account, but many).

The reason is because anyone who uses forwarding with GoDaddy is forced to use the same static IP for their @ A record –

This IP has been used by scammers and is now on a ton of blacklists, so Google is flagging it. I’m not sure what a good solution besides switching away from GoDaddy DNS is, but you should be aware that it will be negatively impacting you quite a bit.

Feel free to comment and I’d be happy to share more info.

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