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Cloudflare slowing connections?

Recently ive been experiencing extremely unstable connection speeds, Typical speeds i recieve are around 950 mbps down / 35 mbps up wired and 550-600 down / 35 mbps up with ping around 6ms and 20 loaded according to fast.com. Today they have even dropped down to less than 20 mbps peak download speeds, while upload remains fine my ping was sitting at 50 and over 300 loaded. i checked everything in my house twice and decided to change from cloudflares dns back to my isp’s and the issue went away.

Anyone else experience this using cloudflare?

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Noob question will changing the Cname and A host values break my website?

Trying to connect mailchimp to my wix website so i can email people from @mydomain.com.

If I change the cname and ahost values from the default settings in the first image to the settings in the 2nd image will it make my website stop working? https://imgur.com/a/LZMh3x6

My guess is no, but I wanted to check before I went along with it. I know this is a very noob question and I have a somewhat of an understanding of this stuff and tried to find an answer for myself but I’m not confident.


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MX Record Nightmares

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

I have been trying to get my Gsuite email working with no luck. I am able to send emails but not receive any. I have a google domain domain, Gsuite, and a GCP compute engine with cloud DNS enabled. Currently, under google domains I have custom domain servers, and have all of the synthetic records turned off. In the GCP cloud DNS settings, I have (I think) correct MX records set up. Still, when I go into Gsuite admin, no active MX records are recognized. What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you!

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DNSSEC and Delegation


New to DNSSEC.

I’m in a situation where I have to set up a delegation in a DNSSEC-enabled zone. For purpose of illustration, example.com is DNSSEC-enabled and I need to delegate subdomain.example.com. The hitch is that subdomain.example.com lives on two name servers that are under management elsewhere and those name servers are not DNSSEC-enabled.

Is it possible to do this delegation without setting up DNSSEC for subdomain.example.com? Or must they set it up in the child zone subdomain.example.com because we’re using it on the parent zone example.com?


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ipconfig/displaydns Issues

Apologies if this is not posted in the right place, I’m not all that computer savvy about DNS and how it works beyond the basics I have read in a few places.

My partner went on my computer and typed in “ipconfig/displaydns” and found the following entries:





One I have knowingly accessed in the past, but others I have not ever to my knowledge and certainly none of them have been accessed for several weeks.

Is there any way to figure out how/why this is displayed as well as anything about when it was accessed? It’s very important here to understand timing of these websites being accessed if at all possible. Right now I’m seemingly caught in a lie and any help would be really appreciated.

Apologies if this is a dumb question or in the wrong place, but if so please feel free to point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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Messy hosting setup, not confident with DNS, seeking advice

Hi guys, software engineer here seeking some advice…

I am working with a client who wants to launch new website. Their registrar is FastHosts, which points to Sitegrounds namesevers (their DNS host).

I’ve built a new site which needs to run in a Node.js environment, but that isn’t compatible with Sitegrounds hosting. So, I spun up an AWS EC2 server, copied it’s public IP and replaced the A Record in Siteground to the one provided by EC2.

However, the website just isn’t loading when you visit their root domain. It’s getting a ‘the site cannot be reached – too long to respond’ error.

If I visit the public IP address of the EC2 instance in the browser, the website loads.

We also cannot get rid of Siteground, as it hosts various ‘subdomain-ed’ websites.

I’m completely stuck. Have done this right? Is what I’m trying to achieve even possible?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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How to set the DNS so that both the root domain and the subdomain of a gitlab page point to the same address?

I created a static site with Hugo and hosted it on gitlab, in a repository called (for example) “example.gitlab.io” which can be reached (again for example) at the address “https://example.gitlab.io

I own a domain that has been assigned to me by tophost.it, say example.it

As explained in this document, and in particular in this paragraph (*), I created 4 dns:

  1. @ A
  2. www CNAME example.gitlab.io
  3. _gitlab-pages-verification-code TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code = ...
  4. _gitlab-pages-verification-code.www TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code = ...

In my gitlab control panel Settings/General/Visibility/Pages is setted to “Everyone”.

If I type in any browser example.it my site hosted on gitlab opens normally; if instead I type www.example.it I get the following error message:


You don’t have permission to access the resource.

The resource that you are attempting to access is protected and you don’t have the necessary permissions to view it.

What’s the mistake? How to correct it? Can those who have a site hosted on gitlab explain to me how they set their DNS to connect their custom domain with and without “www”?

(): _… There are a few cases where you need point both subdomain and root domain to the same website, for instance, *example.com** and www.example.com. …_

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Using Freedns.afraid.org, is it possible to have 2 different adresses for the same IP using 2 different ports?

e.g. IP address 12.345.67.89 hosts 2 servers, one on port 25565 and one on port 25566.
I can’t have an ‘A’ address linking to 12.345.67.89:25566 because adding the port means it is no longer an IP address.
I can of course, and have, created an ‘A’ address (called, for example, dns.1.com) linking to just 12.345.67.89
I have found ‘SRV’ records, but I don’t understand them. I tried creating a DNS record for, say, dns.2.com using the SRV record ‘0 0 25566 12.345.67.89’, and also using ‘0 0 25566 dns.1.com’, but with either of these, dns.2.com is simply not being recognised because I am incompetent, and I know not what I’m doing. I don’t even know if SRV records are the way to go about this. Any idea on how to have both ports with their own DNS record?
Many thanks.

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