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[help] Website down for some users but not all– Is it a DNS thing?

Hello there! First off, I’m sorry if this isn’t the right board for help. I don’t normally post things like this, but I am completely and entirely lost.

My company’s website (https://unnamedfilms.com/) is written and designed by me in Dotnet Core 2.2, and runs on a Linode Linux Server behind a NGINX reverse proxy. However, I’ve now had roughly 4 people tell me they can’t access our website because of various problems (Connection reset, could not resolve, etc.).

However, when me or anyone on our team attempts to access the website, it works just fine. For a while I thought those four people were just having issues with their internet connections, but we’ve now been removed from Google Ads for “Destination Not Working”, so clearly the issue is larger.

What can cause a problem like this for some user’s and not others? Could that even be a DNS issue?

Any advice you may have would be appreciated. Thanks for readin’ 🙂

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Bypassing content blocking with DNS

Hey! I live in Turkey and there are lots of contents and websites blocked here that at least a DNS is a must and a lot of people use it here. When I use Google DNS (, I can access some blocked sites like imgur, Wikipedia (yeah, for real) and such but I can’t use them with Cloudflare DNS ( How does the DNS bypass the content block? Is it something like a VPN? Also could the reason I can’t bypass the block with Cloudflare be that maybe they have servers located in Turkey? My latency with Cloudflare is ~7ms and with Google, it’s ~43ms.

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How DNS work?


In my home Wifi network i connected my smartphone with android version and a Tv with Android Tv, i had some problem with some streaming contenant that not woke in both devices.

I changed the DNS on my smartphone and surprisingly the streaming begin working with both devices.

The question is: why the change of dns in one device affect the other one? is this possible or just streaming begin working with no relation with what i did?

Thank you

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Explain some basic knowledge about DNS providers


This can get messy because I don’t know how to ask…

We have a lot of domains. Right now they are at a DNS provider, plus some are getting moved to that provider.

Do the DNS provider HAVE to be set as registrar/billing at our country’s domain hostmaster, to be able to provide DNS manegement to us?

Wouldn’t we be able to be registrar and set as billing handle, and then handle billing, renewing, change of Nameservers ourselves, and then the DNS provider just provide a DNS dashboard?

The DNS provider are telling me that they should have our handle and password to the domain hostmaster, otherwise they will have to “raiser transfer out orders as we do not manage them”.

But they have so far managed it without having access to our hostmaster.

Is it working like this?

I buy a domain at our hostmaster.

I set the Nameservers at my hostmaster to some DNS provider that I want and they create a zone (or whatever?)

Then I can manage my DNS at that provider?

So if I want to change DNS provider I just change the Nameservers at my hostmaster?

They will not need access to my hostmaster?

Hope some of you can understand my questions? 🙂

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SPF/DKIM/DMARC , am I doing it right?

Here is my info for SPF and DMARC. DKIM signing is enabled.


v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all

And then the related spf records specifying Microsoft’s IP ranges…

My domain continues to be aggressively spoofed. Did I set one of these up incorrectly?? I realize that this does not eliminate spoofing but should flag the emails as obviously fraudulent to others. Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you for your help!

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WhatTheHell is happening here?

Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ve learned a few new tricks here to day.

In a small home network, Sophos UTM 9.x runs all my edge services(DNS, DNS Fwding, FW, GW, etc) & is not configured as proxy//no proxy exists in my local configuration.
My local network is NATed out through my public IP.adx.

When I browse(chrome, IE, FireFox) to productionsample.com, the proper content for productionsample.com renders on the browser. However, when I then attempt to browse devsample.com, the address window flips to productionsample.com and productionsample.com content renders.

From my workstation, I can resolve and ping devsample.com as well as productionsample.com to local-private and remote/-public addresses –respectively. While content for dev* is a 1:1 migration(wordpress) of production*, there are some differences & these are entirely different URL’s and IPs.
In my mind, this means these are two very separate resources, hosts, entities.

I’ve cleared dnsfwd cache out of the UTM,
I’ve cleared DNS cache out of the workstation, ;I don’t THINK this is a DNS issue because these two URLs have never resolved (from the desktop) to different IP addresses.
I’ve cleared browser history, cache.
& yet, this behavior persists. a few weeks ago, this worked fine. I don’t know what’s changed or how to restore expected behavior.

I can’t, for the life of me, understand WTH is going on here.

Do any of you have insights that might lead to a resolution: my ability to browse devsample.com.

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