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Monthly Archive: June 2017

Removing www from in front of website (noob)

My SO purchased a domain through namecheap to redirect to her Etsy shop.

I was able to set up the redirect easily, for when you type www.example.com it will go to www.etsy.example.com

However, I am unsure how to get make example.com work. (So people don’t have to type in the www before it.)

Is this another redirect record, cname or something else?

Thanks 🙂

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DNS server addresses keep coming back- can’t get rid of them!

So last year I had a free sub on SmartDNS for a fair few months and now that my sub’s up, everytime I remove the addresses, they keep coming back. Last week I removed from the TCP settings, did a dns cache flush and reset my chrome settings but voila, theyyyyy’reeee baaaaacckk!! Really really annoyed. Went on to the smartdns support chat and one of the techs told me to do a teamviewer link up so that he could see what’s wrong. Should I do that though?

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MS DNS Server 2012 R2 cache not refreshing?

I have two external locations using VPN to connect to our Domain Controller.

I am having an IP address conflict, where one computer that is offline had the same IP Address as a computer that is online. The DNS settings look like the following:

  • Computer1 [this computer is online]
  • Computer2 [this computer is offline]

This is problematic because when I run PowerShell command Test-Connection “Computer1” and “Computer2”, I am getting a successful ping, but only because they are pinging Computer1… it is not stating that Computer2 is offline.

On our DNS server, I tried “Update Server Data Files” and “Clear Cache”, yielding the same results.

How do I make/refresh the DNS server see the Computer2 as actually “Offline”?

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Migrating from name.com to AWS, how important are DNS records? [beginner]

I have a simple static website hosted by name.com, and I’m looking to host it on AWS. My question is how important are the DNS records? Name.com doesn’t export the zone file (ugh), but the only items in the DNS records are IP addresses, one for example.com and one for *.example.com. They both have the same IP. Do I need to care about this before I transfer the domain to my Route 53 account? If so, could anyone give me advice on how to accomplish this? Sorry in advance for my ignorance!

(I tried posting this to /r/aws and all I got was a downvote…)

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