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Question about DNS registration and cache.

Hey guys! I’ve been reading about DNS but i still have some questions. I’ve decided to put them in a “history” to express myself better.

Suppose i have registered the domain “ilikecats.com.br”; After that, suppose i have configured two servers i own to be DNS servers and have registered them.

First question: How exactly do you “register” a DNS server you own so the TLD DNS servers know you exist? In other words, so that when someone queries the “.com” DNS servers they will direct the query to your DNS server?

Moving on: I have then configured these two DNS servers to point the “ilikecats.com.br” domain to an ip address “x.x.x.x”. An adequate amount of time has passed and now everyone can access the website.

Second question: Suppose i change the ip address in my DNS server for “ilikecats.com.br” from “x.x.x.x” to “y.y.y.y”. If someone who has never acessed the site before tries to access it now, will they be able to? I’m thinking “yes” because there is no IP address cached on their computer, so they will have to query it directly from my DNS server, but is there another cache somewhere else that i don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!

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I need help.

Hello, I need to setup a Name Server record on my Github Pages website – problem is I can’t find any guide that says how to use an NS record on Github.

I have two nameservers, ns1.biz.nf and ns2.biz.nf.

Is it ok if I put them in my CNAME record? I’ve tried creating a file called NS but that doesn’t seem to work. Do you have a solution?

Go easy on me, I’m 13.

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DNS Checker for Russia/DNS-server list

After changing some DNS entries I have problems with the availability in some regions. So I’m looking for a DNS checker such as https://dnschecker.org specifically for Russian DNS servers. Alternatively, I’d need a list of the main Russian DNS servers, especially mobile providers: Beeline, Megafon,…

All I found is a DNS list https://public-dns.info/nameserver/ru.html but it doesn’t help much since I don’t know the importance of those entries.

Hope you can help me. Thx

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Wildcard DNS entry : Am I missing something ?

Collective Hivemind,

I inherited DNS duties for the company I work for and had issues with some of the low-level tools not returning what I though were the appropriate responses to dns lookup internally. Turns out that my predecessor had honeypotted the internal DNS with a wildcard to swallow any undefined look up request rather than forward it on. (Although our web clients were working fine, nslookup was failing spectacularly. If I did a nslookup on reddit.com from our domain – I will use consoto.com for a stand in – I would get reddit.com.consoto.com and the IP address of our web server. Once I removed the wildcard record, I got four addresses in the 151.101.x.y range as expected.)

By removing the A / AAAA record for * did I miss some subtle nuance that I should be aware of ? (I do understand why you want the wild card on your external DNS server, although with application aware firewalls and newer methodologies for detection malfeasance ongoing, I am beginning to question the wisdom of such.)

Stuff bolded for clarity only.

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Looking for DNS server software recommendations

So I’m used to running bind9 with manually edited zone files because I’ve never really had a need for dynamic entries, but I’m just getting tired of that, but bind9’s DLZ backend is slow and a real PITA to set up. As such I’m looking recommendations for DNS server software that meets the following criteria:

  • runs on Linux or FreeBSD
  • must do split horizon on individual zones
  • must able able to have master mode that can use a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or LDAP backend on another server
  • must be able to have a slave mode rather than just a caching resolver in order to have a copy of all zones in case the master goes down for an extended period
  • must support zone transfers for the slaves

My current set up has a master DNS server plus a slave running on separate AWS instances, and a slave at home for local resolution. I would add a third AWS instance for a SQL or LDAP server that would replicate to a server at home.

I tried PowerDNS a few days a go, and while it was easy to set up and get running using MySQL it doesn’t do split horizons so I thought I’d make use of hive-mind experience.

Thanks in advance.

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