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Is there any free DNS hosting that can know which computer connected to what in a LAN?

So I want to control what other people doing in my network, I think of setting DNS hosting in my router. I want to find a free DNS hosting that can do these:

  1. Logging (what sites, time, how many times, etc)
  2. Blocking (Since I know what sites get accessed, I’ll block the sites that I think inappropriate)
  3. Knowing which computer access which site (I want to know who accessed these inappropriate sites)

I can find some DNS hosting can do 1 and 2, but I haven’t found any free service that can do 3.


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Can’t change router DNS

I bricked my Linksys router in a bad flash the other day, so while I wait on a serial cable to come in to re-flash it, I’m left using my ISP (AT&T) provided router/modem combo in the meanwhile.

It works just fine, but the one issue I have with it is that there is no option to change the DNS servers. No doubt AT&T wants me to use their own servers because that makes data harvesting easy. I’m able to set custom DNS servers per device, but this has me wondering, if AT&T purposefully locks the DNS on their own hardware, how can I be sure that the custom DNS servers I specified are actually being used?

ipconfig /all correctly shows the servers that I set, but is there any way for me to tell if my router/modem isn’t overriding that when traffic passes through it?

The other reason I’m concerned about this is because when I router was working, I was using and It worked fine, but with just the AT&T router, I see that AT&T blocks this DNS service. So if I get my router back up and running again, how will I know that the DNS I want will actually be used?

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Custom Name Server and/or Premium DNS?

When I ran my website on a $10 HostGator shared box, All I needed to do was set the custom name server field to ns1.hostgator.com. When I moved to a $150 dedicated server, I changed it to ns1.liquidweb.com. Now I am on a $50 VPS, and am being told that I need to set up my own name server “ns1.mysite.com”. This has confused me, and I ended up buying the Premium DNS that Godaddy offers for $2 a month. So if I have this premium DNS via Godaddy, do I still need to create my own name server, or can I just do everything from that interface. Any pros/cons to either of these methods. I have about 7 domains, but if my domain is the name server, wouldnt all those requests also burden my server?

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