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Website not resolving with WWW even after changing DNS Zone records.


I migrated my website recently to another host. I’ve done all that I should’ve (I think). I’ve changed my nameservers, I’ve changed my DNS A and CNAME records. But still, when I type www._________ on my address bar, it doesn’t resolve to my new site. I thought it was SSL certificates, but after resolving that issue, it still won’t go to my website.

Thank you for your responses!

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“Resolving host” + 8-10 sec delay for all http requests when VPN is on

Could really use some help understanding the DNS mechanics which might be at play here.

In a nutshell the big mystery is this: if my VPN to the office is off, everything is sweet like candy as far as my download speeds–near instant on my 400 mb/sec Spectrum connection.

However, if I have the VPN from work up (and am not even RDP’ed into my work PC or anything), then I get a 8-10 sec delay on everything I request from the web on my local PC side, if that makes sense.

So VPN is up but I’m not remoted in to anything. It’s just on.

Then I go to my browser (any of them, doesn’t matter) and I go to some website.

I get 8-10 sec delay for virtually every request and in the bottom left of all the chromium based browsers (Chrome, the new Edge) I get “resolving host” during that time. If it’s Firefox I think it says something else but I still get the delay.

What could be happening here?

I mean, I’m not sure what the various possibilities could be for why my PC’s browser would try to use the VPN (apparently) to resolve http just because the VPN is on and then, apparently, go on out to the web like it would normally, only 8 secs later.

I am using public DNS (Google’s at the moment, configured at both the PC ‘s internet adapter and in the router’s settings).

Also, to save some troubleshooting time, this has been going on since mid last year and I have since replaced almost the entire “supply chain” if you will, including:

  • PC – Now on CyberPowerPC
  • OS – Windows 10 PRO is current OS
  • router
  • cable
  • wiped OS 2x, even on new PC
  • uninstalled chrome including after turning off all sync’ing (thought it was just a chrome problem at one point)

Also, this only happens with my PC. My wife has a PC which is hardwired into same router and it does not suffer this way–nor do any of the other 8 or so devices on our network (one other pc and several mobiles/tablets on wifi, TVs etc.)

Not sure what else you might want to know.

My IT team at work is stumped on this so I’m looking for any help or suggestions I can get.

Many thanks in advance. Would love to kill this problem after going at it off and on for almost a year!

Here’s what my basic set-up looks like.

CyberPowerPC to Nighthawk Modem, then out to web and/or VPN

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DNS not configured right, need help.

I removed the actual host name for privacy.

The pieces of the puzzle:

I have a personal site, www.MYSITE.com with WWW pointing to the azure site, HTTPS, no issue.

When I try to make MYSITE.com without WWW go to the WWW site, it doesn’t work.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am getting the error below. I don’t have the IP address to use an A record. So I figured an ALIAS + URL (dnsimple) would work. But no.

Error message I get

DNSimple admin screen, DNS settings

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newbie question: if I am transferring a domain from GoDaddy to AWS Route53….do I need to set my newly created Name Server records in GoDaddy still?

Ive watched a handful of videos and they are all transferring domains in different scenarios…so the whole process hasn’t made sense to me yet.

so far Ive created the hosted zone in Route53 for the domain I want to transfer, and Ive created the record sets. one video I watched mentioned needing to set my newly created Name Server records that were created when I set up my hosted zone in GoDaddy.

is that correct? seems to me that if Im transferring the domain that there’s no need to set the Name Server records in GoDaddy. I’d like to shut that account down eventually.

sorry for the newb question…Im still trying to get my head around all this. thanks all!

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