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First poster question

Hey guys, new to this sub but I’ve been struggling all day with this and could use some help…I’m trying to get Hulu on my Xbox one/Apple TV in Canada…I have been playing with multiple smartdns hacks but the closest I’ve gotten is getting the Hulu app downloaded on the Xbox but when loading it I keep getting error95 screen after a min or two of Hulu screen. I have it working on my laptop with a VPN but I’d rather use a dns…I’ve tried replacing the dns manually in all my devices plus my router but I’m still having trouble getting it. Any ideas would be highly appreciated thanks !! I really really want Hulu lol 🙄😫

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DNS brute forcing: Who sees what?

I’m trying to get my head around possible indicators for a DNS brute force attack (i.e. somebody looking up thousands of possible subdomains, like frodo.corpx.com, bilbo.corpx.com, gollum.corpx.com etc): My current understanding is that only the (authoritative) NS sees all the lookup requests, nobody else. And if that NS is located at a registrar/provider and not at CorpX, then CorpX may never get informed about the attack… correct?

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Dns trouble

Ive been without Wi-Fi for 5 months now and have been trying to figure out workarounds for it. Metro pcs gives me 15 gigs of hotspot with my unlimited data plan, so for the first half of the month ive been using that up and figured out how to use Pdanet usb tethering to use my pc online. Now the problem with this is that usb tethered connection gives me problems with Dns errors. Steam sometimes wont connect to their servers and some webpages wont even work because of Dns errors. Yesterday I bought Mordhau and now steam refuses to connect to its servers so now I cant try Mordhau out. I’m suspecting this is another problem stemming from Pdanets Dns problems. Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this? I will try anything lol I’m desperate at this point.

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DNS Authority

I am wondering how the DNS authority works.

Say I purchase the domain example.com from Google Domains.

Why is Google now the authoritative entity on this? why would Go Daddy not be able to provide me the same, example.com domain 10 minutes after I purchase it on Google? In other words, who and how is this being controlled?

More on this, who provides the NS record for each domain?

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Upgrading DC, DNS Question.

Upgrading a domain controller (2008 to 2016) at work by creating new VM and copying it’s ip settings etc across.

So my question is about DNS, when adding the role and I point to get it’s settings from the primary DNS, how do I know that everything has successfully come across? Is there a way to check?

The primary DNS will be the last to be upgraded so want to ensure everything is good before I tackle it.

Will repadmin /syncall do the trick?

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Windows DNS Server not resolving certain sub-websites

We seem to have a problem where certain sub-websites will not resolve to any IP address – e.g. answers.sap.com will not resolve but sap.com works fine
Clearing the cache will temporarily restore functionality for a few minutes, and when reviewing the DNS Cache the name servers are recorded correctly.
Running NSLookup following a cache clear will also resolve but eventually revert to timing out again.
We’ve amended our scavenger records etc. but we can’t seem to find any rhyme or reason as to why certain sub-sites work (like portal.office.com) but others fail seemingly at random.

We’ve tried a completely clean install of the DNS server and still the problem persists. 53 UDP is whitelisted for our firewall (both machine and site) and seemingly DNS is largely working as expected.
Any advice on troubleshooting exercises I could carry out to try to zero in on the problem would be gratefully appreciated


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