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Monthly Archive: November 2016

What is this CNAME from mail to . doing if I already have third-party MX records set up? Should I keep it?

I’m moving the . and www records for a domain to a new web host. The DNS records currently show a CNAME record for mail that points at . We also have MX records set up that reference third-party mail servers. Do we need the CNAME record? I was under the impression that such a thing would be used for internal mail routing, so I’m wondering if we need it. Thanks!

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Event 5502

“The DNS server received a bad TCP-based DNS message from The packet was rejected or ignored. The event data contains the DNS packet.”

Most of what I read says to ignore this eventid…however, when I lookup the IP …its some sort of Amazon thing.

Anyone have any ideas what this could be. It shows up in the logs throughout the day..

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glue A record not seems to work for .co TLD managed by godaddy

I have a .co domain managed by godaddy. I’ve created a “host” in its DNS settings (a glue A record) but after 1 week it hasn’t worked yet and https://intodns.com/ is still giving me “NO GLUE”.

On another registrar I have I added a “host” (glue) and after a couple of hours the “NO GLUE” problem was solved.

Does anyone know where should I look at to solve this issue?

Is there a possibility that .co root nameservers are problematic? Or that godaddy’s system has a problem?


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Need help

Trying to watch hobbit unexpected journey with my husband. It’s only available in certain countries, I have tried endlessly for a DNS to English speaking countries that have the film in English but no DNS is working. We’re in the UK and I’m changing the DNS on my PS4. Anyone have any updated links for free DNS codes to new Zealand, Canada or Germany ( might just try Germany to see it’s at least just subbed. )

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Configure bind not to make AAAA queries?

I have a bind 9.11 server running on Windows, on a network with no outbound IPv6 connectivity. Clients inside the network (a mix of Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android) do have both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks, but have no way of connecting to anything over IPv6.

I notice from bind’s statistics that it’s making a lot of outbound AAAA queries:

++ Outgoing Queries ++ [View: default] 498048 A 20376 NS 328 CNAME 5016 PTR 892 TXT 197240 AAAA 

It seems all of these queries are wasteful, as no device on this network can do anything with an AAAA record. Is there a way to configure bind so it doesn’t bother with AAAA records? I’ve found the filter-aaaa-on-v4 option but that isn’t quite what I’m after. I don’t want to filter AAAA from responses, I want to never request them to begin with.

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