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Monthly Archive: October 2015

What is the default for DNS Providers if the DNSSEC Records are provided but not working?

Hi all, there is a fellow reddit user that has unfortunately entered some wrong DS Record infos. According to http://dnscheck.pingdom.com: “The zone **** has published DS records, but none of them work.”

Somehow, only googles DNS seem to reject to add this domain to its DNS Server.

<<>> DiG 9.8.3-P1 <<>> @ .*.tld ANY ; (1 server found) ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 50558 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

;; QUESTION SECTION: ;www.tryfrontdesk.com. IN ANY

;; Query time: 208 sec ;; SERVER: ;; WHEN: Thu Oct 29 18:28:15 2015 ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 38

Other public DNS Server seem to work!

Is Googles denial of adding the domain the proper way? Are there rules for this kind?

P.S. I did not publish the domain intentionally because i’m not in direct contact with the affected reddit user, but i’m curious that if only google is doing it “wrong” or “right”…

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Can I setup a DNS server in my home to avoid paying for location blocker like Unblock.us?

I have some extra PCs and other network equipment laying around, and I’m fairly technically savvy. It’s occurred to me that maybe I could save $5 a month on Unblock.us by setting up my own DNS server. I’m not sure how it blocks/manipulates the location however.

Does anyone have any advice here?

Thanks in advance!

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Question: test.dev.domain.com – to be excluded from forward lookup zone of *.dev.domain.com to allow for public DNS records.

Sorry its mean to say allow for public DNS lookup 🙁

So i have a request from a customer (win 2008 dns server – replicating to 3 other dcs).

They have 2 dev environments: dev.domain.com dev2.domain.com

There are forward lookup zones internally for these – there is an A record for *.dev.domain.com and *.dev2.domain.com pointing internally.

They want test.dev.domain.com (and it’ll be the same for the other domain) to be resolved externally within their environment rather than internally (and given there is a catchall on the wildcard it’s making it a bit hard) – is there a way to set this up at all?


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Why does www.google.com A name resolve to IPs that have a PTR pointing to my ISP.

I have just done a tracert www.google.com, this returns the following.

Tracing route to www.google.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 3 ms 1 ms 2 ms dsldevice.lan [] 2 13 ms 13 ms 13 ms lo0.11.central11.pcl-bng01.plus.net [] 3 12 ms 13 ms 13 ms irb.11.PCL-CR02.plus.net [] 4 13 ms 13 ms 13 ms ggc02.plus.net [] 

Then running an nslookup or dig on the PTR of and I get the following.

Non-authoritative answer: name = ggc02.plus.net 71.56.212.in-addr.arpa nameserver = ns1.force9.net 71.56.212.in-addr.arpa nameserver = ns2.force9.net

force9.net is a domain registered to my ISP (Plus net).

Also checking the A name records of www.google.com, this again was returning IPs that appear to be handled by my ISP and not google.com

set type=a www.google.com Server: dsldevice.lan Address:

Non-authoritative answer: Name: www.google.com Addresses:

Any ideas why this is? Google Servers at my ISP?

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CNAME deletion and emails?

Hello, I had deleted a default CNAME on a domain which was mail.domain.com so that I can use that mail.domain.com to redirect to webmail login page. Today I found out that original mail.domain.com CNAME is used for receiving email but email seems to be worked fine for months and still does. So my question is what is the point of having that CNAME value if it doesn’t do anything, can I delete it on all domains I manage without worrying about email transmission or did I somehow get lucky this time ?

Thank you in advance

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Separate nameserver for email and web hosting?

I know this is possible, but this is completely outside my area of expertise and I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to go about it.

I’m a web designer working for a client. The client currently has their email and webhosting through wiredhosting.com. Their domain is registered through GoDaddy (not my choice), their current webhost/email server is hosted through some company at wiredhosting.com, and the new web host is Bluehost.

They’re not ready to transfer their email over to Bluehost yet, so I’m trying to figure out how keep their email hosted through Wired Hosting, and have their website hosted through “BlueHost”.

The DNS Zone File section on GoDaddy says “The zone file is unavailable because the domain’s set nameservers do not belong to this registrar.”, which I’m assuming is because they’re pointed to WiredHosting. We’ve unfortunately had no luck getting the client’s login/pass info from WiredHosting due to their terrible customer service, but I have a feeling that’s the key.

Can anyone give me some guidance?

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