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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Riddle me this: ns1.vm (491 domains point to this name server)

We were researching a domain that shows nameservers of ns1.vm which shouldn’t be valid, yet a website comes up (iawptraining.com).

securitytrails.com show that there are 491 hosts pointing to this name server: https://securitytrails.com/list/ns/ns1.vm

How is this working? .vm isn’t a valid TLD. and return a result for an A record, but Cloudflare does not ( using dig.

What am I missing?


EDIT: Whois shows different name servers? Aren’t Whois and DNS separate protocols?

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Is it possible to create a DNS entry that will have a page point to another instance?

I currently have 2 websites that can be accessed by:

Is it possible to create a DNS record that will allow users to access website1.com by navigating to website2.com/website1 without a redirect and making it look like the user is on website2.com’s website?

I tried creating a CNAME record:
Host: website2.com/website1
Value: website.com

but it returned an error and would not let me create it

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Domain name to public IP address with dynamic DNS

I have a domain name registered with Namesilo and I would like to point it towards my home address where I am hosting my web server. Unfortunately, this public address is not static. I thought to register with a dynamic DNS provider, and use it to map it with my public IP address. That way, I could register a CNAME record resolving mydomain.com to dynamic.dyndns.com. And with dynamic DNS pointing to my changing public IP address, I would be able to resolve mydomain.com to my IP address.

Unfortunately, I am not able to do that through Namesilo interface. It makes me think that I’m not doing this the right way. What about it? Thanks!

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