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MalwareBytes causing DNS issues

For the past 2 days, I’ve had issues connecting to certain websites, with chome stating that it was a DNS issue. I was also unable to connect on other browsers and other WiFi connection. The problem was resolved after Network Diagnostics claimed that my computer was missing certain protocols, and after Googling the problem, it appears that certain AntiVirus programs could cause the issued. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and the issue cleared up instantly. Is this a common problem with Malwarebytes, or was there a certain setting in the program causing it, that I could have disabled and kept the program on my computer?

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Google DNS failing reverse lookups

I administer a postfix mail server, which does cursory reverse lookups (reject_unknown_reverse_client_hostname).

For a specific set of mail hosts, google’s DNS fails reverse lookups with SERVFAIL. Using another public DNS such as Verisign’s ( it works fine.

I’m not sure I want to flip the whole server over to another DNS, nor do I want to carve out exceptions in postfix.

What could cause Googles DNS to fail?

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Get domain back from onlineNic?

If this is not the right subreddit for this post, please excuse my ignorance.

So this is the situation: a few days ago, a domain of mine expired, and as of this morning, OnlineNic has taken over as registrar for the domain, and I want to get it back. I have to do a little bit of research to start fingerpointing, but so far the blame can be spread around a little bit. The domain should have been transferred from OldRegistrar to NewRegistrar, but somehow this process got botched. And one year later, vóila! No more domain.

But regardless of who’s to blame, what can i do to get it back? Does anyone have any experience with the process forward? I’m new to this part of dns.

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DNS issues on a couple of sites

Not sure if this is quite the right place for this but here goes.

A couple of domains that I manage are having some DNS issues, enough that when I tried switching them to CloudFlare it still wouldn’t detect that they had their nameservers changed. The two domains are:



When I check them on whatsmydns.net they get results for almost everywhere except Mountain View (Google), London (Verizon) and a couple others. Other domains I manage are working just fine, scaryuncledevin.com, for instance.

I’ve tried using Google’s Public DNS Flush Cache tool (https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/cache) with no luck, but I’m not really sure where to go from here.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

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Free DNS Tunneling/ VPN Service (Netflix)?

So I wasn’t really sure where to put this, and if somebody could re-direct me, I’d greatly appreciate it. However, since I am here, I figured I’d go ahead and ask anyway.

I have a boyfriend who is overseas in the Netherlands and I was wondering about sharing my Netflix account. I know that media is region locked and, for Netflix specifically, you need to use a DNS tunneling service (or method?) or a VPN/ Proxy thingy.

So my question is; Does anybody know of a free, safe, reliable DNS tunneling service, that supports decent quality video/ Netflix at least, and works for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows?

I know it’s a very specific criteria and so if nobody can meet it, I understand but, if you could instead refer me to a service that is cheap((est) as possible) or provide me a safe method to share my Netflix account, preferably via DNS tunneling (unless you have a better/ safer VPN method/ service), I’d greatly appreciate it.

IF you have any other information or facts that would make this process more amicable for me, that would be super helpful as well! Thank you in advance for anything anybody can contribute!

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Force Safe Search Google Search with DNS not working anymore?

I have quite an interesting issue with DNS that randomly occurred one weekend seemingly without any change in variables. I work for the technology of a school in North Texas. We have been using a domain alias (DNAME) record on our DNS servers to force traffic to use Google Safe Search for some time now. All of a sudden, it stopped working, refusing to resolve google search requests by our users network wide. The DNS record was such:

We have a Forward Lookup Zone directory for www.google.com

In that directory, we have the SOA record of parent directory for the particular DNS server, then two NS records for our primary and secondary DNS servers. The only record we have added is the DNAME record for this directory that takes the FQDN of www.google.com and target host FQDN of forcesafesearch.google.com.

This has been working for months, forcing all Google search traffic onto safe search. Once it stopped working, we fixed the problem by deleting the DNAME record and replacing it with an A record for www.google.com and the IP address of forcesafesearch.google.com, This setup works for now, but I want to know why it broke in the first place.

We had some issue with DNS resolution to secure HTTPS due to beta firmware on our security appliance months ago, but this seems to be specifically a problem from our DNS server as using Google’s public DNS on a host on the network resolved Google search requests and www.google.com perfectly fine (which with the beta firmware issue still did not work). Also once we changed to an A record, it works fine. Per Google support, a CNAME record is to be made in the exact same way we had done, we simply used a Domain Alias instead of simply the Alias record. Other educational organizations in our area use the DNAME entry exactly as we do without any qualms (yet). Any thoughts on to why this won’t work on our network anymore?


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WoW – I think I had my first DNS Server Ban!

Sunday 11am my internet seemed to be down but I could still ping.
turns out the private DNS I was using was gone or low response,
and even my secondary DNS didn’t like me anymore.
I uncustomized DNS to use my ISP’s and everything worked again.
I choose another set of private DNS servers, and was back to normal.
I do some weird stuff online, but not a lot to trip some DNS script.
I guess I’ll have to use my VPN outlet service more often.

BTW I knew TWCable had disabled IP6 mid April on some modems
till they can push out some new firmware – that was not my issue.

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TXT record 255 character limit with 2048-bit DKIM – Managed DNS/Hosted DNS

We currently have our DNS hosted with a local data center. They do not have night coverage on DNS and it creates some major headaches for us as we cannot get anything changed in DNS from 5pm to 9am. I looked into using Network Solutions where our domain is registered, but they have a 255 character limit in their TXT fields in DNS records. They offer no way to concatenate multiple entries. They can put a ticket in with the engineers and they can enter it “on the backend”, but that takes days of lead time. We keep having vendors make unannounced changes to their mail servers which forces us to update our SPF entry and most recently add a second DKIM key I have to use a 2048-bit encryption for DKIMas it is the minimum for Blackbaud and it causes the key to be over 350 characters.

Can anyone tell me of a DNS service that is setup to automatically handle TXT entries over 255 characters or that will enable me to concatenate strings? I see lots of things to deal with SPF entries over 255 characters, but that is just solved by entering multiple SPF TXT entries and they all get read as a single SPF policy.

I see people asking about this in a few forums, but there does not seem to be any resolution.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Blast from the past: Found an old ARIN transfer request form

Was going through some old files on my computer when I found this ARIN form from when I was a DNS admin in the Web 1.0 days…

03/99 ARIN IP/ASN Transfer Request Template **************** Please DO NOT REMOVE Version Number ****************** Transfer Version Number: 1.0 ************* Please see attached detailed instructions *************** CURRENT REGISTRATION INFORMATION Organization 1a. Name of Current Organization....: ASN Information 2a. ASN Handle......................: 2b. AS Number.......................: Network Information 3a. Network Name....................: 3b. Start of Network Block..........: 3c. End of Network Block............: NEW ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION Organization 4a. Name of New Organization........: Postal Address of Organization 4b. Street Address..................: 4c. City............................: 4d. State/Province..................: 4e. Postal Code.....................: 4f. Country Code....................: Technical Point of Contact Information 5a. ARIN Handle (if known)..........: 5b. (I)ndividual (R)ole.............: 5c. Name.(Last, First)..............: 5d. Organization Name...............: 5e. Street Address..................: 5f. City............................: 5g. State/Province..................: 5h. Postal Code.....................: 5i. Country Code....................: 5j. Phone Number....................: 5k. Fax Number......................: 5l. E-Mailbox.......................: Network Information 6a. New Network Name................: 6b. Start of Network Block..........: 6c. End of Network Block............: Primary Name Server 7a. Primary Host Handle.............: 7b. Primary Server Hostname.........: 7c. Primary Server Netaddress.......: Secondary Name Server(s) 8a. Secondary Host Handle...........: 8b. Secondary Server Hostname.......: 8c. Secondary Server Netaddress.....: 8a. Secondary Host Handle...........: 8b. Secondary Server Hostname.......: 8c. Secondary Server Netaddress.....: 8a. Secondary Host Handle...........: 8b. Secondary Server Hostname.......: 8c. Secondary Server Netaddress.....: TRANSFER JUSTIFICATION 9a. Reason for Transfer.............: 9b. Additional Comments.............: --------------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------------- GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUESTING A TRANSFER Completion of this Transfer Version Number: 1.0 template is required to request a transfer of IP address space or Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). Before filling out the template, please review the ARIN Guidelines for Transferring Internet Protocol (IP) Space and ASNs found on our website at http://www.arin.net/transfer.html. Each line in the blank template must be copied EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS. Take care not to alter the version number, field names, field positions, punctuation or spacing when you fill in the information. Any change to the template may cause an error that inhibits the processing of your template and delays processing of your request. Please copy the template, fill in the information, and submit it via E- mail to ARIN at: hostmaster@arin.net. In the Subject field of your E- mail transmittal, use the words: TRANSFER REQUEST. When ARIN Registration Services receives your completed template you will be notified via E-mail. Please note that transfers of IP address space and ASNs are subject to fees outlined at: http://www.arin.net/feeschedule.html. For more information, feel free to browse our website. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUESTING A TRANSFER Section 1 - Organization currently holding IP space or ASN 1a. Name of Current Organization. Enter the name of the organization currently holding the ASN or IP addresses. Section 2 - Autonomous System Number Information If requesting a transfer of ASNs, please provide the following information. Steps a and b may be copied as many times as needed for additional blocks. 2a. ASN Handle. 2b. AS Number. Section 3 - Network Information Steps a, b, and c may be copied as many times as needed for additional blocks. 3a. Network Name. Enter the name of the Network. 3b. Start of Network Block. Enter the IP address at the start of the network block. 3c. End of Network Block. Enter the IP address at the end of the network block. Section 4 - New Organization Receiving IP space or ASN 4a. Name of New Organization. Enter the name of the new organization receiving the ASN or IP addresses. 4b. Street Address. Enter the organization's street address here. Copy 4b as many times as necessary if the street address has multiple lines. EXAMPLE: 4b. Street Address........: 111 Town Center Drive 4b. Street Address........: Greyford Building, Suite 1518 4b. Street Address........: Skyline Plaza II 4c. City. Enter the city name. If this item is not applicable in your country, leave it blank. 4d. State/Province. Enter the name of the state or province. If this item is not applicable, leave it blank. 4e. Postal Code. Enter the postal code. If this item is not applicable, leave it blank. EXAMPLES: 21771-1349 98T 6Y4 1010-A 4f. Country Code. Enter the two-letter country code found at: ftp://rs.arin.net/netinfo/iso3166-countrycodes EXAMPLES: CA for Canada PR for Puerto Rico UY for Uruguay Section 5 - Technical Point of Contact Information The technical point of contact (POC) is the person responsible for maintaining the IP space or autonomous system. 5a. ARIN Handle. This is the user handle for the organization's POC. Each POC in the ARIN database is assigned a user handle <ARIN-handle>, a unique tag consisting of the person's initials and a number. Each person should have only one handle. If the POC's handle already exists, provide the handle in 5a and leave the remainder of Section 5 blank. If you are unsure of the user handle or don't know if one has been assigned, perform a "last name, first name" search in the ARIN WHOIS Database. If no user handle is found or if the POC has not been registered, leave 5a blank and fill in the remaining information. 5b. (I)ndividual (R)ole. This identifies whether the POC is an Individual (I) or a Role (R) account where several individuals may be acting in the POC role. 5c. Name. (Last, First). If the POC is an individual, enter the POC's last name and first name on the same line, separated by a comma, as shown below. EXAMPLE: Smith, Mary If the POC is a role account, list the name of the role account. 5d. Organization Name. Enter the name of the organization the role account represents. If the name of the role account is the same as that of the organization, fill in item 5c with that name and leave item 5d blank. 5e. Street Address. Refer to 4b above. 5f. City. Refer to 4c above. 5g. State/Province. Refer to 4d above. 5h. Postal Code. Refer to 4e above. 5i. Country Code. Refer to 4f above. 5j. Phone Number. Provide the telephone number of the POC at the receiving organization, complete with area and country codes, as appropriate. 5k. Fax Number. Provide the fax number of the POC at the receiving organization, complete with area and country codes, as appropriate. 5l. E-Mailbox. Provide the E-mail address of the receiving organization's POC. Section 6 - Network Information. 6a. New Network Name. Enter a new unique name for the Network using up to 21 characters. Only alphanumeric characters and the dash (-) may be used. 6b. Start of Network Block. Enter the IP address at the start of the network block. 6c. End of Network Block. Enter the IP address at the end of the network block. Sections 7 and 8 - Primary and Secondary Name Server Records Information inserted in fields in Sections 7 and 8 will replace the current name servers listed in the database. To be valid, each template that is submitted must provide a primary name server and at least one secondary name server. If you list the host handle and no other information, host information will be assumed and that host will be included in the list of your name servers. If you list a host handle and IP numbers and/or host name, the host record for this host will be updated and it will be included in your list of name servers. If no host handle is provided, the server you specify by inserting the IP address and host name will be added to your list of name servers. Section 7 - Primary Name Server 7a. Primary Host Handle. Enter the handle associated with the Primary name server. 7b. Primary Server Hostname. Provide the fully qualified domain name for the host. 7c. Primary Server Netaddress. Provide the fully qualified IP address for the host. Section 8 - Secondary Name Server(s) 8a. Secondary Host Handle. Enter the handle associated with the Secondary name server. 8b. Secondary Server Hostname. Provide the fully qualified domain name for the secondary server. 8c. Secondary Server Netaddress. Provide the IP address for the secondary server. Repeat Section 8 as necessary depending on the number of secondary servers in use. Section 9 - Transfer Information 9a. Reason for Transfer. Please provide the reason for requesting the transfer of IP space or ASNs. Events prompting requests for transfer may include mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, or organizational name changes, including voluntary entity changes. It is important to communicate to ARIN, as specifically as possible, the nature of the request. 9b. Additional Comments. Please use as much space as you consider necessary to provide additional information regarding your request. Provide any of the following supporting documents, as applicable, via postal mail or fax: * An authenticated copy of the instrument(s) effecting the transfer of assets, e.g., bill of sale, certificate of merger, contract, deed, or court decree * A detailed inventory of all assets utilized by the requesting party in maintaining and using the IP space * A list of the requesting party▒s customers that used portions of the assigned IP space. If further justification required, the requesting party may be asked to provide additional supporting documentation. Please reference the Ticket No. ge in all correspondence relating to this transfer request. 

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