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Monthly Archive: October 2014

Tracing DNS path from the bottom up?

My ISP informs me we are still hitting their old DNS servers which are going to be shut down soon. I’ve set our firewall, primary and secondary DNS servers to point to the new DNS ip’s. I did this using the Forwarders tab. All machines on my network should be pointing to those internal DNS servers. I can’t think of or find any other places the old DNS ip’s might be being referenced (I didn’t set this up and my DNS knowledge is not that deep).

Where else might those ip’s be configured? And is there any way to trace the hops that a DNS request is taking from my pc so I can track it down that way?

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Need some DNS help.

For about 3 months now, I’ve had the constant problem of the default DNS server not working. No sites load, but when I put in ip’s they do. However, this is not a practical solution so I did some reading around and changed the DNS server to (Google Public DNS). However, it resets around every 1-2 minutes and I have to constantly input the numbers again and it gets extremely irritating. Is the any way I can make the server work again so I can not have to input the numbers constantly throughout the day?

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