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Monthly Archive: January 2019

Looking for a good managed dns provider

I am torn between ns1, namecheap, cloudns and dnsmadeeasy. I need dnssec for all my zones, primary master/secondary slave support, hidden master with multiple slaves support, etc. I guess I need flexibility.

Ns1 is good but is literally 10x the price of dnsmadeeasy to get anything meaningful done there. Dnsmadeeasy and cloudns won’t support dnssec on their primary zones.

What are you guys using in 2019 and would recommend?

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Generating TSIG keys to perform nsupdate

I’ve been trying to generate TSIG keys that way I can perform nsupdate on the dns server for the specific zone.

After some reading I found out that “ECDSAP384SHA384” algorithm is recommended and that generation of TSIG keys takes a very long time. When I run the following command:

dnssec-keygen -a ECDSAP384SHA384 -b 4096 -n ZONE example.com dnssec-keygen -k KSK-a ECDSAP384SHA384 -b 4096 -n ZONE example.com 

It generates the keys successfully, the only problem is, it does not take a very long time (>1 minute). I did a google search but most people complain about the opposite effect.

Is there any way I can test the integrity of the keys, the generation of the keys looks as follows:

dnssec-keygen -a ECDSAP384SHA384 -b 4096 -n ZONE Kexample.com Generating key pair. Kexample.com.+014+61829 

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Problem with nameservers

Hello, maybe someone could shed some light here. I own a domain (creativa.hn) I have the nameservers set, but for some reason which I don’t know I am getting other nameservers (svenka) when I check dns. Zonemaster reports ” Parent has nameserver(s) not listed at the child (ns1.svenka.net; ns2.svenka.net). “

But in the domain controller those nameservers are not listed anywhere. What could possibly be wrong?

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Help to understand​ MX record setup?

Is anyone able to help me get my head around this please?

In my limited experience, in DNS you have an MX Record of say mail.domain.com and an A record of mail pointing to the server. Then your IMAP server address is mail.domain.com – This is how it’s always worked for all the sites I manage.

However, we have a new site coming in, and I can’t work it out. If I look at the DNS table (the publicly visible one, I don’t have backend access yet) the MX Record is: mailserver.theirdomain.com

But their IMAP server address is mail.livemail.co.uk
I can’t see where that diversion would take place?

Any help or ELI5 type explanation would be greatly appreciated!


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