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Monthly Archive: May 2017

The DNS for my site suddenly is not working. I don’t know what happened

Hey all… For some reason, my website suddenly stops being found and gives me a NXDOMAIN error. To be honest, coming here was an act of desperation because I always knew how to solve my issues, but this I don’t even know how to debug. But here are the recent significant events I can think of:

  • a redesign of the site. The new design was working for 3 days before the error started.
  • using google search console (a.k.a webmaster tools), I added the https version of the site and I made https the default using certbot.
  • the last thing i did was clicking on an incoming link to www.mydomain.com and I suspect that somehow broke it.

I’ll be grateful for any tips or clarification requests…

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Thousands of DNS requests to leth.cc every minute

I have over onethousand requests per minute to leth.cc. The client submitting the requests are continually changing. None of the clients are on my network. A few of the clients are: 179-8-106-204.baf.movistar.cl, tar69-1-88-183-185-127.fbx.proxad.net, c-73-40-153-193.hsd1.oh.comcast.net. Please help me figure out where this is coming from.

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Help! DNS records fouled up, need expert

Non-tech person here, sorry if terminology is not right.

Last week we stopped being able to receive emails and DNS could be found for our website. We had not made any changes to anything, but to the internet it looked as though our domain was erased (NS records pointed where they should, but nothing was getting through to anywhere).

Our DNS records have always been at our hosting company, and the A records point to our website, and MX records pointing to Google (they said it looks fine to them), but intodns shows something completely different.

I’m happy to provide more specific details and pay someone to get things working how they should / were.


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DNS server compromised?

I’m currently using (https://servers.opennicproject.org/edit.php?srv=ns1.any.dns.opennic.glue), however recently I’m getting random log-in pages from iphonebypass dns. I googled the DNS IP and received some result related to malware like


What actions should I take?

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