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i have certain website which are not accessible with google dns ON.

i have certain website which are not accessible with google dns ON.

what can cause the reason ?

i host a few website over in malaysia here and if turn on google dns /

if i remove google dns to my network , it will works. anyone know whats the reason ?

This site can’t be reached

mywebsite.com’s server IP address could not be found.

  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


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Delegation newbie, BIND9 and DC nightmare

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if i am missing something or… if i am missing something 🤔. But i am lost here ! And calling for help !😭

A few infos first : My domain = domain.tld My subdomain = dc.domain.tld

I have an authoritative BIND9 DNS for domain.tld, delegating dc.domain.tld to a DC

I have declared in domain.tld.zone the following:

ns1.dc IN A

dc IN NS ns1.dc

Now the results i get on clients (windows):

nslookup whatever.dc.domain.tld

Served by ns1.dc

HERE I AM LOST😵 It knows that this server is the one responsible for the subdomain… so why cannot i get an answer to my query ?? Please help

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Centos 7.x and using unbound caching server

Hello DNS community,

My 1st post here

1- is it true, unbound is faster or at least is a very good choice as CACHING DNS server ?

2- I installed unbound on a Centos server and from the test I did, the server could not resolve new address (FQDN) when only was in resolv.conf… SO I left and also in resolv.conf

FYI no other PC need to use the DNS but only apps running on this server so I pretty left the default config.

I was guessing, but i am validating with you, would the server use for non cached info, else if unbound have the information, the server will use whoever respond the faster, localhost vs ?

Or not, I should only have in resolv.conf and there is something wrong about my config ?


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An adress(app.domain.com) has an ssl certificate by let’s encrypt, will page(.otherdomain.com) CNAME app.domain.com be able to be served by https?

I’m working on a multi-tenant app that requires users to set app.domain.com as a CNAME for their own domain, but I’m having a hard time with DNS. Do I need some script to add their domains to my apache config? How do services like shopify do it?

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Odd BIND9 client denial

I’m running bind 9.11.3 on Ubuntu 18.04 – on a kubernetes cluster.

If I have all of the RFC 1918 space under allow-query, everything is happy.

if I only have `localnets` in allow-query, CoreDNS is not permitted to query, even though the server has an interface on the same network as the denied client.

So, bind is listening on, and the denied client in the logs is – This should be allowed to query/query-cache via localnets, no?

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DynDNS Dynamic IP Pricing Bloat

Does anyone has have (or had) DynDNS services? (https://dyn.com) Mine is up for renewal at 300% increase! There’s no way their dynamic IP services are worth $55 CAD / year.

I’ve been with them for >15 years (nearly as long as they’ve been around I think!). I use it for personal/residential use.

  • service used to be free (agree this is not reasonable long term)
  • at some point prices increased, but they initially grandfathere’d long-term “VIP” users for continued free (or low cost ~$2/month) use
  • in 2014 I paid $90 less 25% discount for a 5-year term of service = ~$65 CAD for FIVE years (IMO this is a reasonable cost for service w/out discount)
  • now in 2019 DynDNS is asking me to pay $275 less 25% discount = $206 — 300% increase!

I contacted their billing department and requested similar rates as I paid for before, and explanations as to why the cost has increased so drastically, but they were unable to comply or answer.

Is it time to bail?


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How Private DNS is resolved?

Hi, as you may know Android 9 added the ability to use a Private DNS for your connections. Cloudflare supports it by inputting “1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com” in the Private DNS field.

As you can see, you have to input an hostname as a DNS. My question is: how can this hostname be resolved? Is it using other DNSs to resolve it? My network operator is actually doing DNS proxying so all DNS requests are being redirected to their slow and censored DNS servers (and I live in a democratic country, it’s a shame), and Private DNS doesn’t work.

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