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Monthly Archive: August 2019 not working in Apple Store

Hey guys, I’ve been using for around half a year.

I was at the Apple Store today and I was unable to connect to their internet with my mac.

Everyone looked fine around me, so I figured I should try some things.

Turns out, it started working when I deleted my settings for

Does it seems normal to you ? Anyone else had this kind of trouble?

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List of DNS Servers that do use ECS

I am finding very outdated articles that are sponsored crap from various companies about DNS Servers that support ECS. I use cloudflare and while I like it I heard ECS isn’t natively supported by CloudFlare’s DNS nor Google’s. And a search on Google shows a bunch of sponsored posts for DNS hosting with ECS which isn’t what I want. I am trying to find a public DNS server that supports ECS and see if the claims behind ECS are true for websites with CDNs placed in front of their sites.

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Powered by WPeMatico returning NXDOMAIN when queried from India?

I live in Bangalore, India. The domain name “namperumal.com” was not being resolved by I switched to OpenDNS resolver and it worked correctly (and also from my ISP’s own resolver)

I then SSHed to my VPS (a openVZ instance in a New York data center) and ran the same nslookup namperumal.com and it got resolved correctly.

Can anyone please explain why nslookup namperumal.com returned NXDOMAIN when I ran the command from Bangalore, India but returned the correct address when I ran the command from New York, US?

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Is there any book or online course that I can use to Learn advanced DNS Setting like the detail about each record?

So I have been building website for some years now and I know how to basic DNS like setting up subdomains,mails etc. But I would like to know more about this. Something like how each record works? Difference between cname and a record. Why txt record spf and dkim etc. Can you guys share any book or course that I can use to learn more about this?

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So Cloudflare only gives you 3 Page Rules for free and I have a need for multiple HTTPS 301 redirects, anyone know of another site/service I can use?

The domain is registered through Namecheap if that matters. My knowledge of all this is just enough to get a site working, I’m by no means an expert and welcome any and all advice. The keyword is free. This is a total non-profit job, so anything that costs money is not an option. We’re just talking HTTPS 301 redirects here, no need for future plans for elaborate hosting. The redirects are to Discord servers and appear as https://discord.gg/190283 or something similar.

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