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Dev Team Testing Sites

Scenario: Dev team wants to resolve test-www.secondsite.com to an internal IP for testing purposes.

Option#1: put internal IP address of the server on the external DNS zone, (don’t like having internal IPs on an external zone, but it would work)

Option#2: Setup a reverse proxy on the external zone and send the test users through the firewall (don’t like having the test sites available to the outside world)

Option#3: Use an internal zone we have already setup to test sites for other zones we don’t want to make internal zones for (test-secondsite-www.mainsite.com pointing to the internal server of www.secondsite.com’s test server. Will have to add bindings to the IIS server to accept this new header)

Option#4: Create an internal zone for the secondsite. I really dislike this option, because it has to be constantly managed and any record changes on external would have to be replicated internally.

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DNS Record Help

Hello, my friend and i have been working on a webpage for awhile and are finally trying to get live in the internet. I have a computer running ubuntu with apache server and some other programs. My home networks router has port 80 amongst others forwarded, and i can access the site locally via both my domain name and the servers IP address.

My issue is that neither the domain name nor the IP address work when i’m not on my home network. I imagine that has to do with my DNS Records(i’m using namecheap).

Could someone just break down the proper way to have the dns records setup?

Thanks in advance!

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Could have been nice if the URL scheme was just a bit cleaner like: dns.com.reddit.www

Somewhat of a DNS shower thought. What if we could (we can’t) redesign URLs?

The protocol or scheme (first part) can completely override how the rest of the string is handled. Schemes generally don’t have a dot in them so they don’t need a special separator like ://.

Currently to handle a URL, a reader needs to start from the far left, then the far right, and work back to the left. So we could fix the order to follow the hierarchy.

The DNS record itself, or the communicating connection, could declare whether the IP address will use https or http (as is done today with the HTTP Strict-Transport-Security response header). So it doesn’t make sense for the scheme to declare the wire protocol – the dns scheme would just define where the resource is.

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