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Monthly Archive: November 2019

My server IP changed post migration.New IP was propagated. Still, some users have “server not found” issue.

Tried everything. Flush DNS cache (browser). Use other browser. To no avail.Their router DNS has default settings. Each device and version has its own way to use a better DNS server.I suspect the country’s major DNS Server (default) to have no/ill entry for my new URL/IP : How can I check this ? Is there an online tool ?

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Akamai Fast DNS


anybody has expieremce with Akamai Fast DNS Service? We want to create a Zonetansfer between our DNS Service Provider (Master) and Akamai (Slave). But our DNS Service Provider won’t do this for us.

What would you expect? Is this a normal behaviour from our DNS Service Provider? I would have thought that zonentrasfers are a normal and legit requirement?

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MX questions around multiple hosts and improvmx

So I have a few domains using improvmx.com and I’m supposed to set DNS toMX Record@ mx1.improvmx.com 10@ mx2.improvmx.com 20

Now I’m doing this for domains I have on cheap hosting so I never miss email, just dumps in my gmail. My question is, since the host is still cpanel and there IS still a mail server there, should I add another record to DNS like a tertiary MX record and use it for outgoing? (I already know you can set it up with gmail but I don’t want 2 factor on that account.) I never expect the mail to go to the server, just want to be able to send out through my server and have the least likely chance of a spam hit.

I added a 3rd record with a priority of 50 using my server. I’m looking to see if my logic is wrong here with the spam hit. Also because improvemx.com thinks I’m not using them for forwarding, I’m assuming seeing the record for my server listed there, it’s threatening to kill the forwarding unless I setup the records as listed above, which I did do, and nothing mentions other records. I don’t really need the record for my domain, I was just trying to be proactive with spam thinking it would look up the ip and want to see it in dns.

Should I remove the record or email improvemx.com because I’m setup “correctly” or is there a different way to setup the dns so it knows my server CAN serve as a mail server?

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Dnssec RR and flags

This regarding dnssec and dig.

I send a query type of ANY using the authoritative name server of a website using dig cmd. (I queried a whole list)

Initially, I thought if the response contains dnssec records (RRSIG,DS etc..) , it means it is signed.

However upon further analysis, I found the flag (ad) is 0. The flag ad(authenticated data) indicates if the data has been authenticated.

This contradicts. Any idea why? I also found that the majority of the queries from list have the flag set to 0 despite having dnssec record.

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