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Monthly Archive: July 2017

I updated nameservers for a domain today and it is working for everyone except me.

Hey guys. I updated my nameservers today for a domain. It’s kicked in for everyone I ask to test it, but refuses to switch over for me. That is, unless I use a VPN and connect from any other IP. Soon as I turn my VPN on the site loads with the new host. I switch it back off and it says “domain parked” (old nameservers). Any ideas? Very frustrating as I need to work on this website, without using a vpn. I’ve tried flushing, did not do anything. I’ve also tried with different devices and browsers, same ip, and it doesn’t work.

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Setting up an SSL for a 3rd party app

Hi there,

I have a domain name hosted at wpengine. I have an A record setup for a 3rd party app on a subdomain. The main site (http and www) have an SSL cert setup through wpengine. The domain is hosted at media temple. Where should I be looking to purchase the SSL certificate for this 3rd party app on the subdomain?

Thank you in advance for any help

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need a light and trusted DNS manager for Windows 10

hello reddit people 🙂

i want to be able to add to a software, DNS profiles that include name (user defined) and 2 IP addresses.

for example:

profile 1:

name: google



proflie 2:

name: GeoRestrictionBypassService



profile3: DNS provided by ISP

and so on, as many profiles as i want to add.

i want to be able to save those profiles in the app and switch between them fast and easliy with a nice user interface.

IPv6 support will be nice, but not mandatory for me.

is there a software for Windows 10 64bit that can do that?

i’m realy sick to my stomach from all the times i had to go through the:

Control Panel->Network->.. and copy paste the IPs every time and saving them on txt file for later use.

of course i rather it be free, but i’ll pay i have to.


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