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Monthly Archive: November 2015

I'm a DNS noob who is confused about something that is probably very simple

So my company has their domain registered (say, ourcompany.com for the purpose of this post) through Network Solutions. Our website and email, and DNS is hosted with a different provider.

In Network Solutions domain settings, there’s obviously a place to point your domain at a name server. What is confusing me is that this is set to a URI rather than an IP address (ns1.ourcompany.com, which is on the same VPS as our website and email). I don’t understand this because it seems to me like it’s pointing to the domain that you’re trying to resolve in the first place. Yet everything resolves properly, so I’m either missing a piece of the puzzle, or I’m not understanding the way DNS works, or both. Anyone have some insight for me?

TL;DR Domain name is pointed at a subdomain instead of the IP address of our DNS server, still works fine so I am confused.

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How to configure Mx records for backup internet connection

*Edit: Probably should have phrased the title as a question

I’ve been going round in circles for a couple of days now and can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Basically I just want to know how to configure the Mx records to route mail through to the same server via a different internet connection when the first connection goes down.

We have one Mx Record pointing at mail.server.com and an A record on that Mx record pointing at the primary internet connection

I thought I could create a lower priority Mx record again pointing at mail.server.com and an A record on the new Mx record pointing at but i don’t think you can do that (although i don’t really understand why).

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DNS Question

We have a domain registered with buydomains.com which seems to be a partner of Register.com

I changed two A name records today to help redirect our new website location;

I never touched our MX records but we seemed to have lost them for a bit. It’s fine now but I’m trying to understand what happened. Still trying to get through to buydomains.com

Hostname Record Type Address www A @ A

Our MX records are;

Hostname Address Pref @ serv1.mailservice.com 10 @ serv2.mailservice.com 20

I’ve laid out the domains as it is on the interface we have to use but obviously changed all the details. Not sure how the A record change interfered with the MX records.

serv1.mailservice.com resolves to, serv2.mailservice.com resolves to



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