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Monthly Archive: January 2019

IAM Database Authentication For Laravel

Hi there,

I have an application which is writen on PHP and Laravel…

the applications server has the below .env configurations for the SQL connections however i would like to impliment this solution https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/UsingWithRDS.IAMDBAuth.html which helps a better security…







I want this to be via an assume role…

how what do i need to change with above config? i am sorry i am not a pHP guy..

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DNS Zone for Old Domain

We are in the process of migrating to a new domain (acquisition). Even though I have most of the servers, workstations, and users already migrated, most of them are still pointing to the old DNS server. I have a trust set up and conditional forwarders, so poiting them to the new one for now wouldn’t really create an issue. The issue would be once I disable to trust and retire the old DNS server.

The guidance I’m needing is really two-fold. Do I create a new zone on the new DNS server to point to the old domain names? If so, what kind of zone (Primary, Secondary, Stub)?

A more explicit issue is with one file server that I have yet to migrate. I am looking to actually move the contents of the file server to a new server that is not names the same. The company has been using this file server to attach a lot of documents in our main ERP system, and it uses UNC path. Can I create a new zone on the new DNS server named the old domain, then create an alias for the old UNC path to point to the new server name?

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DNS Flag day 1.Feb – Check your domains

This should have been announced early last year- https://dnsflagday.net/
But instead, oh by the way, we’re changing the core of authoritative DNS next month, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Check your domains at home and work/change DNS providers if needed.

Sysadmin thread posted yesterday:

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Subdomain and port redirection on same IP


So I have 1 IP that I am currently using for multiple usages.

Eg. vpn.example.com, nvr.example.com, ts.example.com and so on.

For the VPN it uses a port 10443, for the NVR it uses port 61442 and the ts uses default 9987 port.

I have tried setting up some SRV records, however I do still have to enter the https://nvr.example.com:61442 in order to view it in my browser. I understand that the browser is very simple. It understands port 80 and 443.

But is there any way to bypass having to provide the port number every time? I’ve read something about setting up a proxy server, to manage the redirects, but have only been able to find this on some nginx server settings. But I am not using nginx or apache in this case.

The SRV records look like this:

SRV record for NVR

Any idea on how to set this up properly?

TL;DR: Setup to fix subdomain redirection. Eg. remove the need of port extension on URL.

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