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spf/txt records in tinydns –HELP!

This is a long shot, but I hope someone here can give me a hand.
I need to have more than one domain in my spf record.
a standard spf record in tinydns is formatted as :example.com:16:16v=spf140mx40-all:86400 but I need to include several other domains. Anybody know how to do an include here? Should I just put it into a txt record?
If so, how to format?
Thanks in advance and I’m sorry if this isn’t appropriate here for any reason.

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what prevents me from creating a server to send mail from a domain I don't own?

I am very new to the entire process of creating an email server, and am not certain that my question belongs here, but, I’m hoping it does, and that someone can clear something up for me:

I recently use namecheap to register a domain, call it DOMAIN.COM. I then used digitalocean to create a server, went back to namecheap, and transferred DNS for DOMAIN.COMto digitalocean. I then went into my digitalocean server, created a DNS domain for DOMAIN.COM and configured some spf and MX files and the like, so that I can now send mail from/receive mail at USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM.

THE PROBLEM is that it occurs to me that I didn’t have to go through any kind of verification when setting up the domains on my digitalocean server, and that has me worried. For example, if I were some random asshole and did not own DOMAIN.COM, I might run whois, see that DNS was transferred to digitalocean, buy a digitalocean server, and go through the same process of creating a domain, spf files, MX files, etc. that I described above. Essentially, I feel like I could do all the things that I, as the owner of DOMAIN.COM, did, but without having to own DOMAIN.COM. What’s to stop someone from setting up a server and just beginning to send and receive email at DOMAIN.COM even though they don’t own it?

I feel like I’m missing something basic, and any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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This is wrong information/presentation on DNS cache poisoning and DNS security.

Slide #3 is a mess and is completely in-accurate and makes no sense (using a “Malicious Resolver”?, then contacting it?). Expecting better from someone representing a market-leader of DNS products/solutions.


What you think?

/r/dns /r/dnssecurity /r/infoblox

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MX Poinst to CNAME, Which Points to Naked Domain

One of my clients gave me access to his registrar, but I see that the nameservers are external. A who.is doesn’t always paint a full picture, so I’m afraid to recreate the zone file based on what I see, particularly considering this: both the MX Record and mail.domain.com (CNAME) both point to the naked domain. I’m finding it hard to believe that the same IP address is being used to serve both the website and host the emails. Is this an acceptable thing?

Thanks in advance.

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