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I don’t have a static public IP. Does anyone have experience in using DDNS to update Google Domains record and have it resolve subdomains?

I’m installing on a home system and don’t have a static IP address. To work around that, on my CentOS system I’ve installed ddclient.

In my Google Domains, I’ve created two records. They are as follows:

  1. A synthetic Dynamic DNS record with an ‘@‘ in the data field.
  2. A custom resource CNAME record, with ‘*’ for the name and the domain name in the data field so this is supposed to be acting as a wildcard record.

The synthetic record receives the IP address updates from the ddclient service that’s running on my codius server. Ideally I’ll be able to resolve my domain, ex., as well as, or Unfortunately, my configuration doesn’t seem to resolve. I can resolve the domain,, but not any subdomains that are prefixed onto that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Migrated domains but won’t propagate

Why would this happen? The nameservers are and

Are there any tools to help analyze and get to the source of the problems? Is it my nameservers that I made? I route it through Cloudflare and then to my Plesk installation. I’m happy to take screenshots of anything and everything as needed.

Notice though how a decent bit of the servers propagated but the rest haven’t? This happens on and off all the time even though it’s been about 20 days at least since I’ve made the transition, with 15 days since the old server went offline. So why?

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Need Help with DNS & Name Server Please


So not to confuse everybody including my self i will try to make as much example in screen shots as possible )))

SO i have Bought :

  1. Server package on vultr and installed centos 7 with WHM & Cpanel . Used there Name server
  2. bought Few domains from 1&1 they are pointed to there 1&1 name servers.
  3. got the free account for cloudns (dot) net .

Now i would like to connect the domains and point them to the Vultr Server .

about 3) don’t know why i got it lool it was free so why not what would you recommend to do with it ?

oh snap here is brain storm of what i want to do

Here is the screens from domains-hosting-cloud dns

so what matters to me know is the domains and hosting

about could dns i don’t know how would that help please let me know if you know how would this service by google and clouddns would do ?

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NS query – what resource records are valid in replies?

Our Server 2008 R2 DNS server is logging errors claiming that replies to certain DNS queries contain invalid domain names.

I’ve captured the queries and replies in wireshark, and the domain in the reply is valid, and identical to the domain in the query.

However, what I have noticed is that the reply contains only an A record – no NS record.

Is this what’s causing DNS to complain?

Oddity#1: The DNS server in question is configured to forward to and so I’m surprised to see it doing lookups directly to a domain’s name server. There’s no indications in the even log that lookups to or are failing.

Oddity#2: When I do nslookup from my workstation and set the server to the nameserver listed in the DNS event log error message, and I query for NS records for the domain listed in the event log error message, it returns two NS records – not an A record.

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Can I use CNAME to point to a totally different domain?

If I’ve got a domain that’s, and currently have a server listed as, can I also create another record for another completely different system? What I’m wondering is if I’m able to redirect a name resolution from to another system in a different domain, like Totally different domain root, but I’d like to be able to redirect.

In a nutshell, I’d like to take a free DDNS name for a server run from one location that’s registering with a service like DynDNS, but use a CNAME record to point it to a server that has a registered DNS domain. Is that possible? Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Who updates the TLD zone?

Solved: My hoster has a menu which allows me to change this, which is different from the one that is (I think) AXFR related.

Problem was:

I have a domain ending in .org, for which I changed the primary NS a week ago. I just noticed that when asking one of the .org nameservers which nameservers are authoritative for my domain, it still lists the old one after a week.

I was under the impression that I would just need to change my domain’s zonefile, and everything would properly propagate, given some time.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you!

Edit: Something that I should add: The old primary nameserver was still running and serving an old zonefile that listed itself as the primary. I switched it off half an hour ago, and I now rely on the secondary NS, which did not change and serves the proper zonefile. The scheme I run is that I have a primary NS, and the secondary NS is provided by my hoster, and transfers the data via AXFR. All I did to switch was put in the new primary NS IP into their Web-Interface for the domain, but in retrospective, this probably was not enough…

SOA record settings if they are of any relevance:

 180722000 ; serial 172800 ; refresh (every 2 days) 900 ; retry (every 15 minutes) 1209600 ; expire (2 weeks) 1800 ; negative caching time (30 minutes) 

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