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DNSCrypt Questions


I have a question, I’m using OpenDNS on my router for my whole network and OpenDNS on my computer and when using DNSCrypt it disconnects my connection to OpenDNS.

My first question is, how can I use OpenDNS server’s while still be connected to DNSCrypt because I want the content filtering.

My second question is does this only happen to my computer or anyone using the same adapter? Because it changed the IP on my LAN2.

OpenDNS only has a DNSCrypt server for IPV6, not IPV4, in case you were wondering.

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Troubleshooting AWS Route53

Hi all,

I’m having issues with AWS Route53 DNS. My domain name is When I do `dig -t NS`, everything looks fine. However, in Route53 there are also CNAME and SOA records that are not showing up with dig. I previously had my domain hijacked when it was hosted on GoDaddy and I’m seeing some DNSSEC records when I do `dig +trace`. Not sure if that would cause issues, but when I do dig for my other domains (ones that were never with GoDaddy and never got hijacked) there are no issues. I read somewhere else that AWS does not support DNS SEC so I’m wondering if that is what may be causing the issue? I don’t really know what else to do at this point. I just want to validate my CNAME and get issued a certificate for my site. I am a bit of a DNS noob so I don’t know what else to do to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Noob DNS Question

I’ve learned barely enough DNS to get foward and reverse zones working for IPV4 and IPV6 on a Windows 2016 Datacenter Edition PC for my CCNA studies. I’ve learned a bit about scavenging old records, etc, but while at work a few days ago I encountered a Richoh printer that was showing offline on our buildings network print server. Ping “hostname” and no record found. Went into the printer settings and the name of the printer somehow was now blank. Reentered the the correct name as it reflected in our print server, restarted the printer, and within about a minute of starting up all jobs stuck in the print queue were now beginning to print. Basically I want to know what kind of settings update DNS this quickly. Our DHCP leases last 2 hours so I’m not really sure what is going on here but then yet I’m on noob level for DNS, DHCP, network related stuff. When I reboot the printer/machine does that also renew DNS?

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Why aren’t some methods retrieving A records for

I was browsing hackernews ( the other day and I noticed a broken link in one of the “Who is Hiring” monthly threads:

Specifically, the link that didn’t (doesn’t) work is:

The failure that I’m seeing is a failure to resolve a A record ‘’.

If I go to and run a A record lookup, they find a result:

If I go to and get them to list all DNS records for they show an A record:

Both sets of results agree with each other: two A records exist and point to & respectively. If I modify my local hosts file to set ‘’ to point to either of these IP addresses, the website works perfectly. The web server is up, but without helping out my local machine, I can’t resolve the domain’s A record locally.

I found another public DNS checking site that agrees with my local experience:

If I request “ANY” for, I see all the other results (NS, MX, TXT) but no A records. I tried 8.8.8.* plus all of the NS listed as authoritative for

So some methods of querying DNS are bringing back A records, but others are not. I’ve never seen a situation like that before.

Can you help me understand what is going on here?

Edit for clairity: I’m not linked in any way to any of the organisations involved here, I’m just a curious observer.

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MS DNS Stub zones: AD Site aware?

New job. New Challenges. Time for DNS cleanup – out with the ZT’s, in with the Stubs, perhaps.

Question: Are MS DNS Stub zones AD Site aware when selecting the NS to forward a lookup to?

Scenario: Multiple forests. DCs (w/ DNS) at same geo-locations. Similar IPv4 (v6 largely not enabled) addressing scheme. If I setup AD-Integrated stubs to replace zone transfers, assuming ADS&S is setup with a subnet that covers client and and an NS IP in the stub zone, would the lookup be kept to the same site?

Goal: I would like to keep forwarded queries to same site rather than random and therefore possibly traversing much slower lines to a remote NS listed in the stub. If the NS DNS selects is unpredictable, then it looks like I would need to use non-AD integrated CF’s with only the local IPs listed to achieve that objective.

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