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Pihole, a Raspberry Pi, is being accessed on port 443 even though port 443 is not open. Are clients looking for DNSSEC?

I have a Raspberry Pi running pihole, , which acts as a DNS proxy. I do NOT have DNSSEC enabled in pihole.

When looking at Wireshark traffic to the Pi I, with tracing limited to the tcp syn flag, I notice network traffic to port 443. The traffic comes from Apple devices and my Amazon Dot.

Are clients looking for DNSSEC on 443?

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Script to make DNS server listen on specific interface

Hello all! I am having a problem with my DNS server. It has two NICs, and I only need it to listen on one for DNS. When it listens on both is it causing a conflict and stops working.

I know how to go in and manually and set it to listen on the specified interface. However, what I am wanting is a scripted fix.

Is there such a thing? I have found some command line syntax that I could batch to get the desired result. But, what I want is a powershell solution.

This is low on my list of priorities right now, but, if you have a sec and a little know-how, take a look and let me know if you have got an idea. Thanks!

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Stub zone has wrong IP address in Master Server, and will not allow me to change.

I just started a new job and am trying to correct some DNS issues. There are 2 domains here, and each domain has a stub zone for the other domain’s DNS server. I’m not able to load the other domain’s stub zone in either DNS server. The IP address listed under Master Servers is incorrect in both domains. When I try to update the IP address to the DNS’s true IP address, it resolves with no problem and allows me to accept the changes. Then, when I go back into properties, the IP address has been changed back to the incorrect IP, and i’m unable to load the zone. Is there any risk in deleting the stub zones and re-adding them with the correct IP addresses? My end goal is to migrate everything to 1 domain using ADMT, but ADMT isn’t able to contact the domain controller on the old domain, and I believe the stub zone issues are why. I’m pretty new to DNS, so any help at all would be great.

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