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How will a resolver know about our second nameserver if we don’t have two NS entries?

We had one of our nameservers go down yesterday and everyone in the office was scratching their heads wondering why our other DNS didn’t immediately pick up the load. The two nameservers are not in master-slave configuration, but their zones and records in the zones are all identical. They live on two completely different networks (Comcast and Verizon) as well.

I theorized that because we only had one NS entry in each zone file, no resolver would ever see the secondary nameserver — and was looked at is if I had two heads. We have one entry in each zone (on each nameserver), So my question is: am I right in thinking that whatever resolver — whether it be a Windows machine or a mobile device — will not know about our secondary nameserver,, unless we explicitly put an NS entry for that server into each zone file?

I am a programmer primarily, and am now being introduced to DNS, so I want to make sure that I have the right idea of things before bringing my idea to the table as a solution again. I certainly do see many people all over Google having multiple NS entries — sometimes up to 4 — in a zone file for any given website.

Thanks for any help, folks.

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Mystery IP addresses insist on attaching to name server

domain.local has three nameservers, two 2012 R2 one 2016

On each of the nameservers I see the following strangeness:

In DNS Server I open domain.local under forward lookup zones and see my three nameservers.

On one of them I have additional IP addresses appearing that belong in subnets that do not exist:

In Edit Name Server Record I delete the IPs, click OK, then Apply and get a series of “do you want to delete the record for ns1.domain.local” and each of the IPs appear to get deleted. But when I go back in, they have reappeared.

Where are these coming from and how do I get rid of them once and for all?

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Forwarding lookups to a public DNS for a zone that exists on internal DNS.

So, I have an issue that I have yet to come across in my experience until now.

Scenario: Using Microsoft DNS servers, I am needing to create a Forward Lookup Zone containing one “A” record, but forward any other lookups for that zone to public DNS. So for example you have ““. I need to resolve “” using an “A” record on my internal DNS to an internal IP, but forward all other requests for “” to our public DNS servers. Maybe this is a rookie question, but is this possible using Microsoft DNS? I mean, once you create the Forward Lookup Zone on the internal DNS server, it is the authoritative server for that zone and will attempt to resolve all lookups for that namespace?

Of course I could create an entry in the hosts file and manage that with Group Policy, but that is not the route I would want to take.

I would gladly appreciate any help or advise.



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Bible of DNS & BIND

When I was learning DNS the standard classic book on DNS and Bind was the famous OReilly book “DNS & BIND” by Cricket Liu. But the latest edition is from 2006 (I don’t have a copy). I wonder if this book is getting outdated..?

What is the current authoritative book (or other documentation) on DNS & Bind, i.e., what is the de facto bible these days?

It’s been a long time since I set up Bind, but now I want to self-host it, expose my web server, etc, to the outside internet, and keep all the internal hosts private. I’d also like it to run as a caching server. So I need to understand everything well enough to deploy something that is correct and secure.

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I have purchased a google domain and I have been learning about the custom records. So what better way to play around with it then to make a Minecraft server. Simple right?? Wrong! I’m a little lost. I have made an “A” record that points to my IPv4 where the server is running. Then made a “SRV” record that reads “10 5 25565 mc.{domain name}.com” MC is the name of my “A” record. I can connect locally to the server via the “mc.{domain name}.com” But not off my network. I have that IP and port port forwarded in my router. I have checked connected using my raw ip from ip chicken and it works just fine. Can someone shed some insight on what I’m missing??

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How can I redirect a domain to a .com website?

OK, so I have a client request that’s been difficult for me to figure out. Admittedly, I’m not super network/code-savvy (just enough to be dangerous). Client has a website at and a domain at The website is hosted at GoDaddy; the .com domain is registered at Network Solutions; the domain is registered at Akky.

From the outside, the request seems simple: when anyone goes to, the browser will automatically redirect to I’ve tried getting the IP address of the website from GoDaddy and adding it to the A record and the CNAME record for but all I get is a generic “coming soon” placeholder page from GoDaddy when visiting the domain.

There is no website at the location, so a 301 isn’t an option. Trying to do this via DNS settings.

One restriction: all domains + the website need to stay where they are for the time being.

One possible complication: the client has email hosted at the domain (and the .com domain), so those records need to stay as-is.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks all, looks like I’ll need to set up hosting & a “ghost” page for the domains, then a quick 301 redirect.

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Win 2012 DNS Server – Entries mysteriously deleted?

Hi all,

We have a Win 2012 domain with 6 domain controllers/DNS servers. a few times a week the help desk will have an issue with a computer whose DNS will not resolve. An ipconfig /registerdns usually does the trick. But how can we prevent this problem?


  • Client: “A name not found error was returned for the name CLIENTNAME.DOMAIN.ORG. Check to ensure that the name is correct. The response was sent by the server at”

  • DNS server: “A resource record of type 1, name CLIENTNAME, TTL 1200 and RDATA 0xAC103742 was created in scope Default of zone DOMAIN.ORG via dynamic update from IP Address”


  • Client: “The DNS server’s response to a query for name CLIENTNAME.DOMAIN.ORG indicates that no records of the type queried are available, but could indicate that other records for the same name are present.”

  • Server: “A resource record of type 1, name CLIENTNAME and RDATA 0xAC103742 was deleted from scope Default of zone DOMAIN.ORG via dynamic update from IP Address”

Thanks for any input!

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