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DNS Configuration in Multiple Locations.. Safe to Delete Old?

Hi everyone, as the title says I have inherited a few domains at work that have DNS configuration in multiple places (internal DNS servers, and also through a Cloud DNS service). A whois lookup shows the domain is using the internal DNS name servers (which I want to use), so can I safely delete the DNS configuration in our old Cloud DNS service? Please note that the Cloud DNS is not a redundant/failover solution for us. It was old and we have a new cloud DNS service for failover capabilities. Thanks in advance!

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Active Directory DNS Delegation to external party

We are running DNS on Windows servers and I need to delegate a sub domain E.g. to an external company that is using the domain to send emails on our behalf. As the same DNS server host the root domain “” I cannot setup conditional forwards so have cofigure domain delegtaion. The issue is this does not seem to be forwarding the DNS request to the external party.

Dose anyone know where I can start looking to see where this is getting blocked or if there is another way to do this?

Note: the domain is not the internal compute domain but our public facing domain that we replicat internally. This allows for testing internally before going live etc.


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‘www’ appearing as subdomain

I have a website that allows dynamic subdomains. Everything works as expected with the following DNS records. However, ‘www’ keeps coming through as if it were a subdomain. What I would like it to have is just go straight to, and not pass the www part to my application. Would I need to do this with nginx configuration, or is it better to do this with DNS records? A


I am using AWS Route 53 if it matters. Thanks for reading!

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Curious: is there ever a reason to delete preset A records?

Hi, frontend dev here. I registered a domain with Hover, and I just set up an A record to point to my host.

My question: is there ever a reason to delete the A records that were automatically set by Hover when I registered the domain? This is what my configuration looks like:

Type Host Value
A *
A @
A (I added this one) @ IP address I added

It works fine as is. I’m just curious.

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Everything about DNS – your help needed

I am searching for relevant information about DNS. I am aware about “google”, “ddg” and other search engines but I would like to get good, curated information from the redditors.

What do I search: * History – of DNS. * Basics – What is DNS, how does it work? * Extended – Things like Slave and Master, TXT records, MX records Blackholes and their correct usage. * Applications – How can DNS be used for Applications, like storing data in TXT records etc etc * Attack – What attack vectors are available, what applications use them and how can they be used. * Security – How do we secure DNS, like DNSSEC etc. * Future – What is the future of DNS. What future implementations are already on the market and which ones are showing some value. * Everything – else I have forgotten.

Thanks for any link, video and material you can share, I am sure everyone can benefit from the pool of information.

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DNS resolution to subpages

This may be a dumb question and is in part related to DNS and IP as well.

When typing a domain name in the address bar, it is resolved with an IP address. My googling is not strong enough for me to understand how it resolves subpages. The subpages have to be under the same IP address, but how does the browser/authoritative DNS server know which subpage to navigate to? If they are all listed by the same IP is that something handled at the web servers for the website themselves?

Like I said maybe a dumb question but its really been bothering me.

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