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Low-maintenance split horizon DNS?

Currently several of our main domain names are manually replicated into our corporate windows DNS servers from our api-less DNS provider.

As you can imagine, over the years we’ve got loads of discrepancies between both zones, records existing on one side but not the other which is pain.

I’ve started to shift domains to existing externally only and removing our internal zones where possible, which has some success, but the exception to this is where we actually want record asymmetries, these are where we have private routes to various services we’d rather use internally.

I’ve actually mostly dealt with this issue via planning to keep only a single zone internally, On this zone I’ve created which exists both internally and externally. Externally it points to the public IP, internally it points to the corresponding internal routed IP.

So when I have a website I want to use different routes I create a CNAME for to which then handles the split routing without me having to host the zone internally.

The problem is that I’m left not knowing how to route because of how you can’t CNAME the root record.

How should I fix this issue?

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pointing third party DNS to zpanel domain on VPS?

I’ve tried googling this for days and I honestly couldn’t find a legitimate answer. I’m running a VPS with Zpanel installed (CentOS 6.6) and created a domain. I want a third party DNS service, such as dottk or to point to my domain that I’ve created on ZPanel. I’ve tried using by changing the nameserver (on my zpanel) to that of DNS4s. That didn’t seem to work. I feel like this should be an easy thing to do, just don’t know why it’s not working.

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Retrieve MX records using nslookup

One of my new kids on the block asked me a question tonight; “Jermal, how do I get the mx record of a domain?”

To retrieve mx record information we need to use a tool called nslookup which is available in Windows and Linux

The quick syntax use is nslookup [-option] [hostname] [server]

Example of its usage nslookup -type=mx

I hope this helps,

jermsmit #jermalsmith

web link:

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DNS lookup failed or very, very, slow.

Everyone thought it was bandwidth utilization but we brought in a new 50/10 circuit (this issue wasn’t the deciding factor) and it may have gotten worse.

Symptoms: Pages load slowly, I mean 56k slow but only sometimes, but frequently, or pages load halfway but on refresh almost instantly.

Since the latest chrome update it actually gives the « webpage is not available » error before eventually loading.

Environment: Windows – both DC and PDC are 2012, all workstations are W7. Only one domain in forest.

PDC refers to it’s self as preferred DNS server:

DC refers to PDC as Preferred DNS and it’s self as Alternate DNS.

Gateway points toward ISP’s DNS currently but I’ve changed that around in the past to see if that was the issue. No URL filtering or monitoring set up, DNS Lookup and Proxy are enabled.

Workstations DNS set to PDC, DC, and Gateway.

Another thing that makes me think it’s DNS related is that down and up speeds are normal, it’s only page loads that are slow.

Servers are showing no DNS errors. I’ve tried it with the AV disabled but issues persisted.

Any help or a point in a direction is appreciated.

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DNS help with a web spider

I am running a simple PERL web spider at home on a linux computer. When running 20 or more threads I tend to take down my router. This has been something i’ve looked into from time to time over the years.

I use dd-wrt and when the network starts to really slow down there are thousands of connections – with 3/4 of them being UDP to whatever DNS servers I try at the time …

Am I getting rate limited by DNS from doing too many lookups? Is there a way around this? I imagine hosting my own DNS server would be a nightmare but im ok with it - as the records im looking up are not super critical…

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