Battling forever against DNS landing pages

I feel like everytime I think I have thwarted my ISP’s DNS landing pages, another one pops up. I am running my own caching lookup server and have my home router pointing at it. It seemed like I was getting proper NXDOMAIN for non-existent domains when I last left it. But then tonight, another landing page popped up.

The status of my D-Link router shows hard-coded DNS, while my clients were querying (as per ipconfig/ifconfig). Once I turned off DNS Relay in the router, my local DHCP clients had my lookup servers still followed by the ISP’s DNS servers (in ipconfig/ifconfig).

Is there a way to get my router’s local DHCP server from tacking those extra DNS on?

I had read that DNSMASQ is the real thorough solution. While I have run DD-WRT in the past, my new router’s native firmware is pretty fully featured and I don’t want to lose some of the specialty features it offers. Could my D-Link router have the equivalent functionality of DNSMASQ under a different name?

It has a ‘Routing’ menu where I can re-route requests for an IP with netmask to a specific gateway. The gateway has to be in my local subnet, so obviously I can’t just re-route it to my external lookup server. But could I route requests for my ISP’s DNS’s IP’s to a dead IP on my local subnet and at least prevent any requests to those servers from successfully arriving?

tl;dr: Can I get my router’s DHCP server to stop tacking my ISP’s DNS after the ones I hard-coded into the router’s DNS settings? Do D-Link routers have any native equivalent to DNSMASQ? Can I use routing settings to redirect all traffic to my ISP’s DNS to a local (dead) gateway?

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