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Monthly Archive: December 2016

Is TIER 1 better than Tier 2?

I was just checking through the OpenNIC server list (https://servers.opennicproject.org/) and saw that you could choose a Tier 1 DNS provider which I didnt think was available for public. I wanted to know whether its safer to choose a TIER 1 network DNS as you are getting access directly from a source…if you get what I mean.

What I WANT TO KNOW: Any added privacy, security etc.? Also, what DNS resolver do you recommend for anonymity or security, is Comodo really safe?.

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Is there a better tool than GRC's DNS Benchmark?

I feel like there’s probably room for improvement.
Right now as it is, the rebuild list function takes about 30 minutes on average, checks 4849 IP’s with a response rate of 15%, of which then it takes the 50 fastest.
I cannot pre-choose the types of servers I would like, I would have to filter out the redirecting servers and more often than not, not one of the top 50 fastest resolvers offers DNSSec after the list has been generated.
Finally the benchmark takes 3 metrics (Cached, Uncached, Dotcom lookups) but sorts by cached response, giving the illusory appearance that the top server is the fastest when the average would be a better metric.

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How do I become a registered DNS Server?

Let me preface this with; I don’t really know what I’m talking about and that my understanding of DNS is rather limited.

To explain my question I will try to keep it simple.

I purchased my domain from Godaddy. When I’ve purchased domain names in the past I’ve typically forwarded to the Name Servers of the hosting provider. Typically ns01.companyhost.com and ns02.companyhost.com. This lets me define DNS records with that hosting provided so that eventually blah.mydomain.com can be resolved on the internet.

Now, I’ve got a Windows Server 2016 running at home with the DNS role installed. So I figured, can I just skip the entire web hosting provider and forward the domain from Godaddy’s Control Panel to my own home IP address? I was hoping it would be that easy, but when I try to forward the domain to my IP Godaddy complains that it is not a “registered name server”.

Is this not possible? What am I not grasping here? 🙂

Also, that leaves me slightly confused as to the difference of a DNS server in Windows Server and a ‘Name Server’. Are they essentially different or the same thing?

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IRC network solely made to create channels for your domains (you need to verify that you actually have access to the domain, of-course)

I am talking about DomIRC, an IRC network created by Blackfields Network.

I just liked the idea of registering channels for your domains and thought you may like it too.

NOTE: I am not connected to DomIRC or Blackfields Network in any way, I legitimately think it is a good service that deserves more traffic.

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DNS Constantly crashing SBS 2011 Standard

Hi All,

For months I’ve been dealing with a SBS 2011 server that has been having issues such as the DNS service not starting and users not being able to use network resources. I’ve attributed this incorrectly to the server running out of system resources as after a massive clean up (physical storage cleared up and taking the exchange role off the server thanks to a move to O365) the problem is still persisting.

DNS’s event log shows a vareity of errors. When DNS eventually dies the event log shows a lot of Event ID 404 and 408 which state things such as: The DNS server could not bind a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket to address

Other errors such as Event ID 409 which states The DNS server list of restricted interfaces contains IP addresses that are not configured for use at the server computer.

I’m sort of at a complete loss. I’m planning on running a large batch of windows updates this weekend to see if there are patches that need to be installed (updates haven’t been installed since Jan of 2016… I know)

Other information I can give is over the last few months the server will run fine up till a week after its last reboot and then I’d have to reboot it again at night for everything to run fine.

I’m really at a loss here. Anyone else experience anything like this? Was going to post in /r/sysadmin but figured I’d give here a try first.

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