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Looking for some assistance investigating DNS weirdness

Some time ago I registered for a static IP address with my DSL provider and I already was using a Dynamic DNS service, so I pointed my dynamic host name towards my static IP. When I run nslookup against my hostname, I get my static IP, however when I run nslookup against my static IP I get a different hostname. Then if I run a nslookup on that hostname I get a different IP. I included most of the output below, after I changed the actual IPs and host names.

Is this anything that I should be worried about or worse yet, is this something that the owners of somebodyelse.ca should be concerned about?

linux6 ~ # nslookup myserver.dyndns.org Server: Address:

Non-authoritative answer: Name: myserver.dyndns.org Address:

linux6 ~ # nslookup Server: Address:

Non-authoritative answer: name = mail.somebodyelse.ca.

Authoritative answers can be found from:

linux6 ~ #

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DNS provider and a backup + AXFR


I’m looking to host DNS for a site and to ensure reliability I wanted to have two separate DNS providers, 1 a master and 1 a backup (and it should act like a slave for the sake of this argument)

Right now I’m considering DynDNS as the master and Route53 as the slave – but depending on who gives what functionality I’m open to different providers.

The idea would be to have DynDNS be my main provider (the “master” in this example) and Route53 would be the slave.

Then I would set the nameservers as :
1. DynDNS
2. DynDNS-2
3. Route53
4. Route53-2

the idea is to have Route53 take over if DynDNS goes down for whatever reason.

I was first investigating writing an API + console that wraps around Dyn and Route53 and making all DNS changes via that console.

Then I found AXFR – is there any straightforward way to use an API or AXFR or both to automatically, after any DNS record change on the master, make the same DNS change on the slave? Would I run into any issues with DNSSEC related info or SOA serial?


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