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How to create subdomain pointing to a different port number?

In my use case I would like to create a sub domain with the main domain’s IP address but with different port number. For example,

I have the the main domain as pointing to


I would like to create to a subdomain with port 8081 

I tried to create a SRV record with the following information,

Name: api Target: Protocol: _http Service: _http Priority: 5 Weight: 5 Port: 8081 TTL: 1 hour 

But this didn’t help. I am using Godaddy to manage my domains.

Could someone help me with this?


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BIND: Redirecting queries for a zone to a different nameserver?

Is there a way to configure BIND so it answers for a zone, but only responds with the address of a different nameserver the client should ask?

I set up a BIND instance on a VPS for adblocking purposes and it works fine (it’s ACL’d and not open to the public). Basically I set it authoritative for many adserver domains and it returns NXDOMAIN for any host in those zones. Anything else it forwards to a nameserver at the VPS provider. I pointed all my devices to use my BIND instance as their name server. Smooth sailing for months now with one exception. My VPS is hundreds of miles away, so with a couple of CDN’s like Akamai, I wind up getting IP’s for servers close to my VPS but not close to me.

What I want to do is set my BIND instance so when it gets a query for, instead of forwarding or recursing that query upstream, I want it to say “go ask instead.” So then my device retries the query on my ISP’s nameserver and gets an Akamai IP close to me instead of close to the VPS. I know this would all be easy if my BIND instance was running in my apartment and could use my ISP’s nameserver as a forwarder, but right now this isn’t an option.

I thought maybe I could make my BIND authoritative for and point the NS at my ISP’s nameserver:

;named.conf zone "" IN { type master; file ""; allow-query { myacl; }; }; ; $TTL 3600 @ IN SOA ( 2016070501 ;serial 86400 ;refresh 1800 ;retry 604800 ;expire 3600 ;minttl ) IN NS 

Doesn’t work though, it returns NXDOMAIN. I set all of the BIND logging channels to debug but I don’t see anything in them to point me in the right direction. Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

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Is DNSCrypt and/or DNSSEC worth setting up?

Is DNSCrypt and/or DNSSEC worth setting up? Once it’s set up, what’s the user experience like? Does everything work like it would if you didn’t use these two things and if a domain you’re connecting to doesn’t support it, will it simply not use it and connect normally? I was thinking of using it for privacy/security reasons, at least until I can afford a VPN service (it would be redundant to use these 2 things when using a VPN service that provides its own DNS server to use, right?).

Lastly, there aren’t any privacy benefits to using a third-party non-logging DNS server since the ISP can still see the source and destination of your connections and log them, right?

Thank you.

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Does anyone have the com. or .net zone files for 2016-06-20?

I realize that this is a long shot but I want to give it a try. Does anyone have the com. and/or net. zone files for 2016-06-20? My cluster took a hit a few days ago and everything seems fine except those particular zones. Does anyone have the ones for that day by any chance or know how to get it?

EDIT: It was mentioned in the post below that people are not allowed to share them. With that said, does anyone know if there’s a service such as premiumdrops that can let me download a past day’s zone?

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Can a Domain Have No DNS Servers?

I have a domain (I’m sorry I can’t divulge the name of it) that apparently has no DNS servers associated with it. I say this because when I do an NSLOOKUP for the SOA or NS records for the domain it says it can’t find the domain and it says “Server Failed”. Also, if I try to ping the domain it says it can’t find the host.

If I run a WHOIS for the domain the WHOIS information says that the name servers for the domain are and

I didn’t know it was possible to have a domain and not be able to ping it or to not have any name servers for it. Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this?

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