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Looking for just a dnssec dns provider, not a registrar

Hi I have domains with joker who’s dns service does not support dnssec, They do support some dnssec. Can anybody recommend a provider – an example of yes they dnssec but is gandi (a reg) seem to sell everything except dns on a quick examination of there website.

I dont trust godaddy. I would transfer dns to this provider and retain joker as our domain registrar. I have moved registrars but I would rather not just to do dnssec.

I could self host but dont have worldwide servers. Its low traffic and money would be paid to this provider.

Can anyhow point me to companies that might do this?


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Wrong MX record returned from only one DNS server.

Our MX records comes back completely wrong (and an address we don’t recognize) from From what I can find online it’s the servers run by eNom.

We discovered this when we found that several external senders were unable to reach us via email. They get no NDR; we simply never receive their email. Through trouble-shooting we eventually noticed that all of their domains were hosted through various resellers, each of which was selling domains from eNom.

eNom can’t/won’t help us since we aren’t their customer and never have been.

We have moved registrars now and again over the years, and migrated to Office 365 for hosted Exchange a couple of years ago, too. It seems that our DNS change didn’t propagate to eNom’s DNS.

Is there any way to force their server to update or am I stuck just trying to call them again and again in hopes of finding someone who can help me?

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Question Re: Zone Delegation + A Record (Windows Server)

Is it possible (or even proper) to host an A record while simultaneously delegating out that subdomain/zone to a 3rd party? Would the A Record for that have to be configured at the 3rd party?

Use case:

Host a service endpoint at while operating dyndns on zone for N nodes?

Example architecture:

  • <= A Record to a valid IP (Reported by NS1)
  • <= Zone record delegated to NS2/NS3
  • <= A Record to a valid IP (repored by NS2/NS3)
  • <= A Record to a valid IP (repored by NS2/NS3)

This would be configured on Windows Server DNS. I know that I can create it without error, but is it valid? Bad Practice? etc.


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[help] My domain is not propagated to mobile networks


I’ve been using for some time now. Recently I’ve noticed that my domain is not propagated correctly to mobile networks. It’s not a new domain, it’s been up for with for at least couple of months (maybe even a year).

When I try to visit my website through any cable network (local ISPs) there’s no problem. I’ve also used VPN, proxies and to check. When I try to access it through my mobile (and, not only mine) I get a ‘name not resolved’ error.

Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong sub, but apparently I’ve run out of ideas how to even google it 🙁

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DNS on a LAN, best practices?

What would be today’s best practices for setting up dns on a LAN? It seems we finally all agree .local is a bad idea. Same as .lan or other not (yet) public tdl’s. So a registered domain name sould be it. Can we use te root of this domain for our LAN or should we use a subdomain?

Is using rfc 1918 addresses on a public DNS server an bad idea? Or do we keep using split-DNS? How would split DNS work with ipv6?

Looking forward to your ideas

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